This week's must-listen singles: Broods, Maribelle, Genesis Owusu + more

This week's must-listen singles: Broods, Maribelle, Genesis Owusu + more

Plus new singles from Slum Sociable and Banoffee in what's been a week packed with new music.

Every week, we're hammered with tonnes of new music from Australia and afar, so much so that at times, it feels a little overwhelming and you're not quite sure where to begin. Every week, we run down this week's must-listen singles and releases, this week featuring names like Montaigne, Julia Jacklin, Huntly and more. Check out Pilerats' homepage for more brilliant music and news, or subscribe to our Spotify Office Playlist for easy listening.

Broods - Everything Goes (Wow)

After keeping things quiet for much of 2017 to work on their respective solo projects, this year has been all about Broods. The New Zealand sibling duo have had was is arguably their biggest year yet, with their comeback single Peach being a commercial hit climbing up the charts while the band do v-casual things such as support Taylor Swift on her national arena tour - the year's most highly-attended tour, at that. In 2019, it appears that Caleb and Georgia Nott are keeping the momentum going with Don’t Feed The Pop Monster, their highly anticipated and long-awaited third album which will arrive on February 1st next year. Everything Goes (Wow) follows on from Peach as the album's second cut, and while it doesn't have the same upbeat accessibility as Peach - not that it needs to - it's still an irresistibly catchy single from the pairing that with release after release, combine thick pop hooks and bright sounds with stuff a little left-of-centre, this time being a second-half, guitar-fuelled breakdown which really sees them take it out the box. "We can’t wait to share this album with our fans and the world," the Australian favourites say on the album. "We wanted to make songs that are true to us and without hiding behind any kind of façade. We made a point of just completely trusting ourselves and each other and we’re so ready for everyone to hear the album." Pre-order Don't Feed The Pop Monster HERE.

Maribelle - Down For You

One of this year's personal favourite releases came from Melbourne singer-songwriting weapon Maribelle, who took a little time off from writing hits for others to release I'm A Mess Without You, "an honest and incredibly personal single" from the musician that "demonstrates her skills in songwriting and lyricism while also feeling very accessible." Her latest, again arriving via her own Crush Club Records label, basically picks up where I'm A Mess Without You left off, with Down For You combining this rich, soulful groove thick with nostalgic 90s R&B influence with her crafty, brilliant-as-ever vocal hook, confidently soaring above. It's a "bittersweet observation on the toxicity of young love and the pendulum between seeking comfort in stability;" a topic that sees Maribelle further push her ethos to create honest, real-life pop music awake from the more-often-than-not glitzed-up music - absent from struggles, vulnerability or honesty - that you'd typically find from your leading pop musicians in the public eye.

Genesis Owusu - Wit' Da Team

Genesis Owusu is on a roll. His 2017 break-out single Sideways placed him as an artist to watch with just one major single under his belt, and this year's awomen amen did nothing but support it, giving us one of hip-hop's most important singles of the year, "an ode to the female in all of her grace, elegance, nastiness, power, rebellion, boldness and ferocity." That, plus absolutely spectacular showcases at BIGSOUND and some big support slots since hasve set him up as one of Australia's leading rappers amongst the 'next generation', something his next single - Wit' Da Team - might just push him out of. Produced with Callum Connor of Anderson .Paak's band The Free Nationals, Wit' Da Team perfectly unites the laid-back, effortlessly cool charm of Owusu with a slick, soulful production that you could see .Paak glide across in a similar fashion, beginning a partnership that could - and hopefully will - become very fruitful. "I love working with Callum because that man knows how to bring the funk out of me," says Owusu on the partnership. "We're gonna get some snacks, listen to some Prince, light up some incense and get these vocals popping."

Slum Sociable - Afterthought

After their 2017 self-titled debut album mixed with vulnerability with guitar-powered melodies and catchy hooks, Melbourne duo Slum Sociable hasn't slowed down. In the time since, they've dropped two - now three - singles, with Do Something About It and Can't Figure It Out tracking their growth as a duo in the time post-Slum Sociable, giving us some of their best music to date in the process. Afterthought, their latest, is arguably their most catchy yet, with the band shaking things up slightly for a more synth-driven single (something that'll happen when you work with The Presets' Kim Moyes) that showcases their versatility as a band. Ditching the guitars for a moment, Afterthought sees Miller's bright and instantly-accessible vocal with a crisp, synth-rich production driven by this charging bass guitar riff that carries the song as its backbone; the bright melodies falling into place over the top alongside Miller's soaring vocal. "The concept behind Afterthought is simple yet universal, we’ve all had moments where we wish we’d done things differently, and looking back on them can be frustrating," the band say on the single. "So I channelled my frustrations of not acting sooner into this song." Catch 'em with Two People and Ro at the First Annual Slum Sociable Xmas Special - more deets HERE.

Banoffee - Bubble

Coming in as the last (but definitely not least) song this week is Banoffee, who over the last few months, has been putting out some of her best music to date alongside travelling the world with Charli XCX, playing in her band and throwing a few co-presenting parties with the pop party girl. Arriving after the success of her returning single Muscle Memory and her crushing collaboration with Chela, Shut You UpBubble is Banoffee's latest and it's evidence that XCX's catchy, bubblegum-pop charm is rubbing off, with a bright, punchy production full of playful synth teases and clever sampling meeting Banoffee's equally bright vocal, which this time around, speaks a pretty deep message. "Bubble is my combat to bullies," she says on the single. "It’s for the underdogs when they lose sight of their power. Being different, being unheard or unseen is so dispiriting. I hope in those moments something like this song is a little pick me up. There’s power in difference. Don’t mistake vulnerability as weakness. What a typical doozy we all make." It's a slight push outside of the comfort zone for your standard pop music and it absolutely works - Banoffee is the future.

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