Photo Gallery: Middle Kids w/ Mia Wray @ Forum Theatre, Melbourne (May 10, 2024)

Photo Gallery: Middle Kids w/ Mia Wray @ Forum Theatre, Melbourne (May 10, 2024)

Eora’s Middle Kids delight fans with a new album and an intimate show at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre ft. Mia Wray.

All images by Oliver Cafferky (@r.ollerdoor)

Fresh from sprinkling sugar on international asphalt with everybody’s favourite emos, Jimmy Eat World, Eora’s Middle Kids returned home to wow audiences with their new album and a string of intimate live shows.

Hot on the heels of her latest single What If, Aussie pop sensation on the rise Mia Wray opened proceedings with a high energy set to kick the night off.

Revelling in the energy of the Forum crowd, frontwoman Hannah Joy matched it with interest, as the band served up stunning renditions of Stacking Chairs and Dramamine, alongside a host of other Middle Kids hits.

Pilerats was there to take it all in… and take some pics too.

Mia Wray

240510 Mia Wray 2

240510 Mia Wray 3

240510 Mia Wray 4

240510 Mia Wray 14240510 Mia Wray 17240510 Mia Wray 21240510 Mia Wray 24240510 Mia Wray 27

Middle Kids

240510 Middle Kids 3

240510 Middle Kids 2240510 Middle Kids 4240510 Middle Kids 7240510 Middle Kids 9

240510 Middle Kids 5

240510 Middle Kids 11240510 Middle Kids 13240510 Middle Kids 14240510 Middle Kids 17240510 Middle Kids 18

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