Photo Gallery: Regurgitator @ Forum Theatre, Melbourne (May 18, 2024)

Photo Gallery: Regurgitator @ Forum Theatre, Melbourne (May 18, 2024)

Aussie rock royalty unleash an unabashed celebration of music’s unique power to unite and uplift at The Forum

All images by Oliver Cafferky (@r.ollerdoor)

On May 18th, The Forum shook with anticipation as Aussie rock legends Regurgitator brought their Invader album tour to life at the fabled Naarm institution.

The night was a sonic voyage through punk, rock, and indie, with killer support sets from New Zealand hardcore punk trio Displeasure, Naarm genre-bending queer duo-turned-trio Cry Club, and Eora noise manipulators Party Dozen.

Pilerats was in the crowd to catch the action!

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