Alex Paioff

Founder of Pilerats and Metric. I copied the entire Al Pacino speech from Any Given Sunday in here as inspiration but it's far too long for this limited space.

Ben Hardy

Copywriter. If I had it my way, Pilerats would start a dad-rock cover band called Kenneth Oath & The Struths and enter Australia’s Got Talent as we have the X-factor. My parents are still married.

Dani Marsland

Pilerats Records Publicity. Contributor. Pile TV Live Sessions Producer. If you'd like us to film a Live Session with your artist get in touch:

Fraser Johnson

Head of Pilerats' creative arm Made In The Pile, Fraser also shares an uncanny resemblance to the fuzzy forest creature you know as a wombat.

Layton Webber

Designer, Illustrator, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Curator. Lover of bands and dark aggressive sounds. As well as Pilerats I run local collective, Bad Noose Independent Press. We do shows and a few other things. I play in band, I also quite enjoy the Internet, art, writing and Instagram.

Liam Oz

I mow everyones lawn and go shopping. And make videos sometimes.

Luke Whelan

Just Emphasize The Future Understanding, Everyone Loses Cool Along New Travels. Myself Even Learnt That Solid Theory Equals Emotions. Look Beyond Earth As Mere Surrounds. Whisper those first letters softly to unlock the truth from the Pilerats/Metric Director/dank meme conspiracy consultant.

Mat Buck

At The Pile events lord putting music from the stage into people. Also does maths.

Pierce Ericson

My name is Pierce, and I’m the head of quality control at the meme factory. Not really though. I mainly throw parties for Metric Promotions and keep an eye on our weekly club nights.

Tay Kaka

I like my toast buttered the instant it pops. I can only eat one weetbix at a time otherwise it gets too soggy. I do pretty impressive skids. And I make videos.

Troy Mutton

The editor for and Pilerats DJ whenever someone turns their back on the decks for more the a minute. Never answers the phone.


Cam Findlay

I’m Cam. I write words about music, because I was too lazy to learn to play an instrument. I have red hair. I enjoy stories that end in ambiguous circumstances...

Liam Apter

19, writes about bands. Manages a hip hop group and works as a gardener on the side. Aspirations include having one job.

Somayra Ismailjee

Somayra is a Perth-born artist/writer. Her work covers arts, politics, issues of class, race, misogyny and Islamophobia. Hobbies include listening religiously to Heems, and being a feminist killjoy.

Hayden Davies

I don't do much except listen to music, binge-watch American television and get drunk. Oh, and I was called the "most humourless hipster in Australia" by a major newspaper, so that's something.

Alex Underwood

I write about 'that screamo shit' that your mum turns down when she gets in your car.

Charles Douglas

Writer, musician, student. Enthusiast of sweet drum grooves, endless winter drizzle, exotic robe fantasy and cosmic disco weekends.

Pile Rats

A mysterious creature of the night, the Pile Rat is your best friend. It's also the name we throw on group effort blog posts featuring multiple members of the team <3

Guest Writer

Sometimes we get artists, creatives and other people outside of the core group to write words for us, because it's important to cast your net far and wide. These are those people.

Courtney Collins

A purveyor of the truth that’s known to piss people off every now and then, she has strong opinions but a big heart. She’s half-asshole sometimes but always wholehearted.

Jess Holton

I dress as Bruce Springsteen to costume parties and know all the lyrics to Dr.Dre’s ‘2001’, and have been a music journo since 2011. In that time I also learnt I can cook lasagna better than your nan.

Leilani Tigerlily

I’m Leilani, but you can call me Leignarly, full time mad dog, part time sick lad, hit us up if you're having a bush doo. Also I like to write, I am my own hairdresser and I’m 17, dancing queen, young and sweet.

Jonty Czuchwicki

The indisputable Jesus Christ of music journalism; Jonty's feelings and opinions are inarguably fact. Frozen in carbonite for years before being freed by model/DJ/techno Princess Sita Abellan, he is mankind's last hope.

Tom Wolff

My three favourite things are travelling, surfing and Vegemite. I intend to combine all three on a journey from Alaska down to the Southern tip of South America in the not too distant future.

Katrina Wong

I study English Literature and Biology at the University of Victoria, BC, but I revel in distractions, forever looking for something as aesthetically pleasing as my dreams.

Laurel Kho

I’m Laurel and I like to think I know a thing or two about myself but mostly I am a confused 22 year old student from Vancouver, Canada with a major in changing my mind. Writing’s cool, though.

Miles Ruge

Writer and photographer out of Brisbane. Has a passion for music, and is currently working a 9-5 in retail to live the creative dream. Has a journalism degree, but is quickly learning that was a waste of time.

Ben Manassah

Marketing student, trying to save every penny to explore Japan after I graduate. Could go for a job where I get to make playlists for a living.

Simon Webster

I’ve been with the 'Rats since day 2. I’ve written travel stuff from China, Mongolia, Russia, India, Nepal, Chile and Argentina. I dropped out of my creative writing major when I was threatened with graduation. I work in IT.

Alex Di Giovanni

Graphic Designer. (Internet comment) Writer. Pretends to know how to sing and play guitar on stage.

Will Bentley-Hawkins

I love listening to music. I love writing about music. I love attending live music. I also thoroughly enjoy pub settings, walking my kelpie-cross and barracking for the Sydney Swans.

Jai Chouhan

I’m a perpetually hungry writer, radio host and hospitality snob. People think I’m quite serious when we first meet and that upsets me. I want to be the guy that people meet and go, 'Wow, that guy is chill AF! I’d sure like to be his friend!'

Jessica Clausen

I have a pet rat and a very useless English degree. I would call myself a writer I suppose. Looking for a way to both do nothing and everything at the same time.

Delia Bartle

Delia feat. Tosca plays keyboard and loves all things new. Planning to pursue a career in music journalism, she’s started a musical pun collection and enjoys a good coffee (or three).

Madison Mclerie

Repeated university dropout and artist. I am very selfish. I hope that by contributing to a successful media platform I will finally gain my fathers approval.

Connor Gamble

Law student, digital rights activist, musician, writer. If whiskey interferes with your business, give up your business. Don’t always believe what you read - I don’t always believe what I write.

Jack Cain

I don't think I'm a good writer, but I love music and I have an analogy for every song. The analogy may or may not have anything to do with the song.

Dean Gavin

Probably put my fingers in too many pots within creative industry. Unexplainable video creation. COMMAND Q till I die. Borderline alcoholic (like the rest of the Rats...) Someone say beers?

Ian Malcolm

I love to dabble in topics that are controversial, or about dinosaurs.

James Schofield

The poor, boot-straps writer's cliche in the flesh, with a keen ear for what's hot and an eye for what's flames. Kind of like... a creative-type firefighter? Uh, wait...

Pile News

The Pilerats News Room machine, sometimes serious, sometimes silly, always stuff.

Anthea Fahy

Anthea hates to partake in social and group activities in general. A oft-used description has been: “If Pheobe from Friends had a cousin who is more Pheobe than Pheobe is”.