Work With Us

Work With Us

Pilerats is a multi-faceted creative collective established in 2012, in Perth, Western Australia. As individuals, we've collectively amassed a wealth of experience working in the music, design and publishing industries. Within the Pilerats collective are journalists, editors, filmmakers, photographers, graphic designers, event promoters, digital marketing pros, branding experts and more.

As a team, these individuals come together to work collaboratively on a number of projects; melding ideas and collective ideals for big results that would be otherwise unachievable on an individual basis. Pilerats spans a music website with in-depth written and filmic content covering music from Australia and beyond, and the lifestyle that surrounds it; as well as a record label, events curation arm (CIRCO Festival, At The Pile), and a content production wing - MADE IN THE PILE.


We're forever on the hunt for new contributors to the website. Whether you take great photos, produce exciting art or write interesting stories, we want to know you, and showcase your voice. Whether you're a journalism student just breaking into the game, and old hat with interesting opinions on the world, or just a person sitting at a keyboard who likes typing things, we want to hear from you.

Pilerats covers a plethora of subjects, from music, to film, television, lifestyle, social commentary and everything falling under the great wide scary net we know as the internet

If you fall under any of the abovementioned categories, flick the website editor an email at troy[at]pilerats[dot]com.