We always talk about the different states of Australia having unique music scenes, but never had any way to examine it properly.




Australia has one of the most exciting and globally recognised music scenes in the world, and each state has always had its own microcosm of musical happenings; Is Perth a psychedelic wonderland filled with spaced-out guitars and laid back groove? Does Sydney have the strongest contingent of electronic artists in the country? Brisbane’s always been known as a hotbed for guitar bands and garage rockers, but how does it stack up to the rest of the states?

To answer these questions and many more, we've created Spotify playlists dedicated to only the music coming out of a particular city/state over the course of a year. We wanna see what's happening in Australian music right now.


Go direct to all of the playlists by clicking the image below:




We'll be updating each playlist as new songs from different artists are released, and you'll be able to see who's been added under each city below, just click through to your city to get following:

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