Ctrl + P presents Portugal & Morocco, by Henry King

Ctrl + P presents Portugal & Morocco, by Henry King

One of Pilerats' long-time favourites will feature pics from his recent European travels in West Leederville this Friday.

Two years ago, we featured a spectacular gallery called 193 Days, a visual recap of Henry King's then-recent travels across Europe, South America and North America. It's one of the more beautiful non-music photo galleries we've hosted on Pilerats over the past few years, hence why we're stoked to see him back with a new gallery covering his time in Portugal and Morocco. It's a little teaser of what to expect from an exhibition the photographer is holding in West Leederville this Friday (more info HERE), where you can grab a limited edition zine of the shots, as well as a print or two and a couple of beers courtesy of Gage Roads. Check out the quick few shots below, and be sure to make it down to the iThrive Creative Space in West Leederville on Friday for the full gallery. Check out his WEBSITE or INSTAGRAM for more 10/10 imagery too.