Behind The Lens: Annie Lila Smith

Behind The Lens: Annie Lila Smith

Work experience kid interviews his favourite photographers, final stop - Annie Lila Smith.

Hey, I'm Dexter Wright and I am doing my work experience at Pilerats. I am a small time photographer and love photography and those who are involved with it. I have reached out to a few of my favourite photographers and will be bringing you a new interview every week as part of a new series - Behind The Lens.

Wowee unfortunatley we have reached the end of this collective photo series full of legends, and trust me I am as sad as you to see it end. But we have a good one to finish off... Meet Annie, a loveable, sun-soaked surfer chick who is an expert in capturing the essence of a moment in a photo. Every photo she takes is like she is making fun of those 'from where you'd rather be' Corona ads. Whether she is skating with friends in the South-West, travelling the world, or just hanging in her local town of Freo, you will be left jealous of her incredible adventures and craving your own.

 9 Okanda Monk2

Who put the first camera in your hands?

It all began with this little video camera my parents gave me when I was 13. My two best friends and I use to film ourselves skating down hills and doing ‘stunts’ under the name The Young Rebels… Feels so wrong but so right to admit that holy shit. But the camera that really started the fire (and constant bankruptcy) was a 15th birthday present from my mum, a 60s Agfa 35mm camera.

11 Bonnie2

What camera are you currently messing with?

A canon AE1. Dreaaaamiest of all the cameras i’ve owned.

2 Monty grooves2

What’s that one shot that got away?

Too many to count. I’ve got a whole album of mental shots. I guess you can’t always be camera ready, I find myself having to plug the old ‘wasn’t meant to be’ cliche.

10 Kent 5 toes at Hallucination Bay2

Do you prefer sunrise or sunset to shoot?

Can’t beat that sunset glow. You won’t come across me without a smile after a day in the sun, sunrise I can’t be so sure.

8 Taj2

Who is your biggest inspiration in photography?

Tim Swallow, incredible analogue photographer. Stu from Indisposable Concept, love their work and what they’re about.

5 Waterhole2

Your style of shooting is very natural and in the moment. How do you choose your locations?

I don’t really haha. I mean I do, if i’m on a planned shoot of course. But most of my favourite work comes from day to day life. I guess it’s really all about the adventure and fun for me. I thrive on new people and places, to see something my eyes have never seen before and hopefully be lucky enough to score a photo too.

7 Byron Hinterlands2

If you had to choose out of every photo you have taken, which would be your favourite?

Holy moly thats a big question. There is one photo I am extremely proud of, I think it’s more so the memory attached to it. It was taken in the North of India at the base of the Himalayas. These kids are pictured on the side of their local pool, which is just a few concrete slabs with water from the mountain running into it. You could hear them yelling out as they make their way over the mountains on the way home from school in the afternoons, we would sit and splash around and devour mangoes from the tree below until we felt sick. At night the pool turns into a bath for leopards and tigers that roam around near by. Not something you stumble across everyday haha.

1 Josh Hills2

Do you listen to music while you edit? If so what album or band in particular?

I’m all over the shop when it comes to my music. From Julia Jacklin to The Murlocs, but there is always something playing. Actually right now, it’s Wednesday so I’m listening to my housemates rehearse. Their band’s called Lamb Coats, they’ve just written this song Cigeretiquette, I think it rocks.

6 Lost boys of Indias North2

Dream subject/location to shoot?

Surfing trip with the chicks from Cali to Peru, might even be on the cards for next year!

4 Dune Rats 2

Any up and coming photographers we should be checking out?

Jake Rotham, more then up and coming but I think the whole world should see his work.

Lewis french (@lewisfrenchphoto) absolute brother.

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