Premiere: The Pretty Littles - 'Australian Dream'

Premiere: The Pretty Littles - 'Australian Dream'

Naarm/Melbourne indie rockers wear their hearts on their sleeves with epic new 8-minute single that takes aim at the so-called “Australian Dream”

For over a decade and across six albums, an EP and various singles, The Pretty Littles have been crafting their honest and emotional take on guitar-led indie rock, known for their wry observations and tongue-in-cheek wit.

For nearly half the time of the band’s existence, frontman Jack Parsons spent five years writing what has now become their latest epic single, Australian Dream. Weighing in at over 8 minutes, Australian Dream is a melodic & jangly indie rock opus that lyrically exposes “hidden undercurrent and hypocrisy of the ‘she’ll be right” mentality that plays out unspoken and unseen in suburban homes across the nation”, and alongside its music video is premiering on Pilerats a day ahead of release.

Parsons explains the song’s extended writing process, saying “Australian Dream took me 5 years to write. I gave up on it a hundred times, but something kept drawing me back to chip away at it”.

"The song is about my disillusion with every ideal we are force fed in Australia”, Jack concludes. “The supposed cornerstones of our young proud country which insidiously permeate through our lives, into our living rooms and under our rugs. We are a sad, lonely and broken country which survives on propaganda, spin and confusion.”

Before adding, “It goes for 8 fucken minutes”.

Australian Dream comes alongside a music video that sees Jack exploring some suburban locations before linking up with the rest of the band to jam out in the hallway of a house, with some tasteful black and white action thrown in for good measure. The band explain how the video came together, saying "Ricky Clifford shot the clip, he did the force clip too - he is the man and contains within him a helluvan eye. We started speaking about the prospects of a clip late last year and we were both a little unsure what the best way to fill that time would be.

I’m obsessed with the Karma Police clip and always aspire to something like that - A little with a lot kinda approach. After some back and forth we got an idea in our head and knew if we found the right place to shoot we’d make it work. I asked our Insta followers if they knew a place and some legends got in contact and sent through some photos - it was perfect. They also had a makeshift bar rigged up and we were able to drink beers on tap which was great because it was 40 degrees. We shot it in a day.

Soak up the Australian Dream a day ahead of release:

The Pretty Little's new single Australian Dream is out March 22 via Endless Recordings

The Pretty Littles Australian Dream

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