Photo Gallery: The Vaccines & Everything Everything w/ Kitschen Boy @ Forum Theatre, Melbourne  (May 9, 2024)

Photo Gallery: The Vaccines & Everything Everything w/ Kitschen Boy @ Forum Theatre, Melbourne (May 9, 2024)

The Vaccines and Everything Everything return to Aussie shores for an epic co-headline show at Melbourne’s iconic Forum Theatre

All images by Oliver Cafferky (@r.ollerdoor)

Tackling Melbourne’s soggy streets on a gloomy Thursday evening, a sold-out crowd poured into the Forum for an evening drenched with Brit rock nostalgia, with co-headliners Everything Everything and The Vaccines packing an intoxicating one-two punch of the strikingly daring and soothingly sentimental.

Kitschen Boy pumped up the crowd and masterfully set the tone for the night. The four dapper local lads astounding the audience with their high-octane, 80s sound.

Next, slinking onstage as cool as ever, English art-rockers Everything Everything wasted no time taking their fans on a joyride down memory lane. Smashing out all the hits, including The End of The Contender, Arch Enemy, and Pizza Boy, with the crowd hoovering up every last crumb.

Closing the night, The Vaccines reminded everyone just how fucking good they are, charging through consistently dynamic tracks one after the other. After captivating countless minds, the marathon of an evening drew to its inevitable climax with the 2018 pop anthem All My Friends Are Falling in Love. And with that, the buzzing crowd dispersed into the night, hopped up on nostalgia and more than a few tins.

Pilerats was on the ground to snap the action.

Kitschen Boy

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Everything Everything

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The Vaccines

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