Photo Gallery: Bleeding Knees Club take us behind their EU tour

Photo Gallery: Bleeding Knees Club take us behind their EU tour

The Australian rock group will be touring their new album Fade The Hammer through December.

All in-article photos by Alex Wall. Header photo by Raw Journey Paris.

Aussie garage-punk icons Bleeding Knees Club are somewhat notorious for their lively and raucous live shows, which sees them really bring out the raw energy of their recorded work - like their latest album Fade The Hammer - and elevate it to a whole other level. It's something they're bringing to Australia across basically the whole of December, touring the country with Sydney garage-psyche upstarts Crocodylus and a bunch of special guests that vary from Teen Angst and Concrete Lawn - more info HERE.

It's set to be a bloody huge tour and to get you in the mood, we've got Bleeding Knees frontman Alex Wall to give us a bit of a behind-the-scenes look into their touring with a photo gallery of their recent European tour - dive into it below, with the full list of tour deets at the end.

1. One Eyed Man

1. One-eyed man - I saw this guy with one eye at Brighton Palace Pier in the UK.

2. Ducks

2. Ducks - These grown women are dressed as ducks for a hens' night, in Brighton.

3. Phone booth

3. Phone booth - Gio does ET in Bristol. We had a great breakfast at Door & Rivet down the street.

4. Ice cream

4. Ice cream - Cool little kids eating ice cream in Brighton.

5. Meat man

5. Meat man - This is a meat man at the beach in Brighton, after his day handling meat.

6. Lick the window

6. Lick the window - Nick licking our tour van's window like a sicko.

7. Boytoy

7. Boytoy - My friends from New York band Boytoy were playing in Berlin the night we had off which was cool, I hadn't seen them in ages.

8. Lyon

8. Lyon - We stayed at a cool poster artist's house in Lyon after we played on a boat.

9. Punk bar

9. Punk bar - We played at this rad punk bar called L'Imposture in Lille. The guy who owned it gave us shots.

10. Spider man

10. Spider man - Saw the real-life spider man in Bristol.

11. Paris is cool

11. Paris is cool - This sick mattress was dumped on the street right when we got into Paris. It's kind of the grossest and nicest place at the same time.

12. Wall art

12. Wall art - Apartment we stayed at in France.

13. Lightning Bolt

13. Lighting Bolt - Hand-screened flyer for a Lightning Bolt concert.

14. Madrid

14. Madrid - We got to stay in this amazing hotel in Madrid. It looked over the whole city.

15. Big ice cream

15. Big ice cream - Bordeaux local sizing up this giant ice cream.

16 Mirrors

16. Mirrors - This was at a roadside gas station, deep in the French countryside.

17. Window

17. Window - Mikey saying goodbye to Nicole in Berlin - they had been talking for years online, but never met.

18. Goodbye

18. Goodbye - Mikey and Nicole from another angle.

19. Meat

19. Meat - Frankfurt breakfast at a roadside gas station near Frankfurt. 

20. Amy

20. Amy - Amy (Amyl & The Sniffers) in Madrid.

Tour Dates:

Sunday November 25 | The Cambridge, Newcastle, NSW
Friday November 30 | The Newport, Fremantle, WA w/ Teen Angst
Saturday December 1 | Amplifier Capitol, Perth, WA w/ Teen Angst
Sunday December 2 | Prince of Wales, Bunbury, WA w/ Teen Angst
Thursday December 6 | Rad Bar, Wollongong, NSW w/ Good Pash
Friday December 7 | Molo Live @ ANU, Canberra, ACT w/ Reality Instructors
Saturday December 8 | Crowbar, Brisbane, QLD w/ Concrete Lawn
Sunday December 8 | Bloodhound Bar, Brisbane, QLD w/ Concrete Lawn (AA)
Friday December 14 | Cats at Rocket Bar, Adelaide, SA
Saturday December 15 | The Lansdowne, Sydney, NSW w/ Concrete Lawn
Sunday December 16 | Upstairs at Fred's, Camden NSW w/ Concrete Lawn (AA)
Thursday December 20 | Karova Lounge, Ballarat, VIC w/ Concrete Lawn
Friday December 21 | Oh Jean Records, Melbourne, VIC w/ Concrete Lawn (AA)
Friday December 21 | The Tote, Melbourne, VIC w/ Concrete Lawn
Saturday December 22 | The Brisbane, Hobart, TAS w/ Squid Fishing

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