How To Get The Best Candid Shots with Kane Hibberd AKA Kanye Lens

How To Get The Best Candid Shots with Kane Hibberd AKA Kanye Lens

The photographer has just launched a rad new zine series called VERSUS.

Kane Hibberd would have to be one of the most respected, adored and iconic Australian music photographers of recent decades, so when he launches a new project, we sit up and take notice. This week he's announced a new project - VERSUS, a free photographric tour zine created in conjunction with Melbourne Bitter, and he's kicked it off with a pearler of a first issue - following Luca Brasi on their recently sold-out national album tour.

To celebrate the launch of VERSUS, Hibberd has gifted us a little slice of knowledge for the budding photographers out there. Check it out below, along with a bunch of images from issue #1 of VERSUS, which you can find at a record store, venue, pub, cafe or ace retail store near you very soon (info/stockists HERE).

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versus cover shot

Photo Tips: How To Get The Best Candid Shots

I’m a big believer of staying in the shadows, documenting what you see unfolding in front of you and not influencing the image. I love trying to capture those moments when people don’t know you are there or are so used to having you around that they forget you’re there.

If I haven’t shot an artist before and I have a few days with them, I usually try to give them plenty of space, to see where the boundaries are and what they are comfortable with. Once they are used to having me around and they’ve seen some of what I have been shooting, then I will start working on shooting the more intimate moments. Some artists don’t care and say “shoot whatever you want” but I think it demonstrates a level of respect and also helps with getting those real candid photos.

Even though an artist may say they don’t care where you shoot, I feel like they still have their guard up for a certain amount of time regardless.

versus luca brasi 1

versus luca brasi 2

versus luca brasi 3

VERSUS: Issue 1 by Kane Hibberd in collaboration with Melbourne Bitter is available now. Info and stockists at

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