Life As A Wookiee by Mako Miyamoto

Life As A Wookiee by Mako Miyamoto

Mako Miyamoto imagines the wookiee as just like you and me.

With Star Wars hyperdriving back into the collective concious faster than the Maltese Falcon, we're looking forward to more and more Star Wars-themed shenanigans up until the new movie's release. Well kind of, Star Wars is one of those things that's never really far away from pop culture, especially not for long. But if it produces more things like this photo series, we're not complaining.

Photographer Mako Miyamoto has taken everyone's favourite '80s shaggy rogue space cowboy space breed - wookiees - and thrust them into our world, but maybe a couple of decades ago. I think. I'm not sure, I can't really tell, the variety of Instagram filters thrown onto the photos is visually confusing, but very aesthetically appeasing. I wasn't gonna post these until I saw the one of him swimming underwater. That one got me.

So please enjoy, and head to Miyamoto's WEBSITE for more.













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