Photo Diary: Koi Child's Australian Tour by Matsu

Photo Diary: Koi Child's Australian Tour by Matsu

Life on the road ahead of their upcoming Tame Impala supports.

A short time ago, the newest signing to the Pileratrs roster, the inimitable Koi Child went out on their first solo tour, taking in venues all around the country, with Fremantle pal Henry Kissinger in tow. The seven-piece jazzy hip hop juggernaut have already caught the ears of the world, bagging a discover feature with no other than Ebro Darden, on his Apple Music/Beats 1 radio show, and landing the utter honour of opening for nu-rock gods Tame Impala later this month, on their national Currents tour.

There's much more music to show you in the coming months, but for now here's a snap shot of the guys out on the road, shot by the ever lurking lens of Matsu Photography (check out our recent interview with him HERE).

Enjoy, and see you out on the road for the Tame Impala tour (date/ticket info HERE), and also Wonderland Festival on December 20 (info/tickets HERE).

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