View From The Pics: Sean Finney

View From The Pics: Sean Finney

A new series giving you some behind the scenes access to our fave young photogs.

Welcome to View From The Pics, a new series inviting some of our favourite photographers to document some of their life. We send 'em a bunch of options of things to shoot, they go out and shoot, and we publish them. After kicking it off with the guy who thought of it (TAY KAKA), this week we want you to meet local legend Sean Finney. So check out some snaps and stories below, and follow him on INSTAGRAM.

01 Whats Up TITLED

This is more a past-tense ‘What’s up’! What was up was my drone, this was the last photo that I took before it was stolen. RIP - I’ll replace it again one day.

02 Your Bae TITLED

Bae = Wife. I can't really sum her up in just a few words, but she's definitely the most important person in my life and no matter how tough working for yourself can get she always knows how to keep me motivated to succeed.

03 Your Homie TITLED

Perth's best DJ and ‘who up’ pioneer is a homie of mine - @palaismusic.

04 Your Ride TITLED

To be fair, this isn’t exactly my ride, it belongs to my wife. However my car looks far less impressive parked in the wild. This was on a little camping trip we took a couple of weeks back.

05 Your Meal TITLED

A friend of mine Nic (@Hotlinehoagies) makes these ridiculous hoagies. The potential health implications are worth it. I eat these more often than I’d like to admit.

06 Yourself TITLED

Here’s a photo of me being an outdoors kinda guy (a full mis-representation but hey). It’s funny when you take photos and videos for a living how little you have of yourself/partner/friends. I need to start taking more.