View From The Pics: Littlek

View From The Pics: Littlek

A series giving you some behind the scenes access to our fave young photogs.

Welcome to View From The Pics, a new series inviting some of our favourite photographers to document some of their life. We send 'em a bunch of options of things to shoot, they go out and shoot, and we publish them. You can check previous ones for Tay Kaka HERE and Sean Finney HERE, and this week meet a Perth snapper who is very rarely here on account of being busy shooting some of Aus' music's finest, Littlek. Check out her View From The Pics below, and follow her on INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK.

VFP littlek 01

I grew up in a small town about four hours south-east of Perth. Despite how much I absolutely love the city life, the farm is still where I consider home to be.

VFP littlek 02

in 2015 I spent a summer in Connecticut working as a camp counsellor and it was the most fulfilling and life changing experience I've ever had. I still think about camp every day.

VFP littlek 03

My best friend and boyfriend, Declan. We met on Tinder lol.

VFP littlek 04

Last December we took a trip to Tulamben which is an isolated diving town on the north-east coast of Bali.

VFP littlek 05

One of the best things about summer camp is that it is such a safe space. The outside world suddenly doesn't exist and you start to eat, sleep and breathe summer camp. It didn't matter if you woke up feeling/looking like trash, because by the time you saw your happy campers it was mission: 'let's make today even better than yesterday for these kids'.

VFP littlek 06

Hello world this is me - photographer/swimming instructor/full-time student.