Focus: Ramon Spaeti

Focus: Ramon Spaeti

A chat with, and an exclusive editorial from, Zurich-based photographer Ramon Spaeti.

Name: Ramon Spaeti

Occupation: Self taught Film Photographer / Dipl. Industrial Designer

Where are you? What are your immediate surroundings?

I’m drinking an italian espresso in a small coffee in Zurich, Switzerland, where I live since two years. It slowly turns to summer in the streets and I'm thinking about my next shooting ideas.

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What have you been doing/working on recently?

I just finished a shoot for Handsome Magazine which will release at the end of May.

Please describe a typical day? (If you can that is!)

I never had a typical day in my life.

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Three favourite spots on the web to browse?

How would you describe your photo work? And who (or what) are your biggest creative influences?

I sold my digital equipment a few years ago and started to work in analogue medium format. For me it’s the best way to capture a moment in a natural way. In my work there is no space for digital retouch. I'll create pictures before I release the shutter.

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What do you to do outside of photography? Your bio said design director? What does that job entail?

Photography is still a spare time activity. I have a full time job as a design director in a design agency, focused on brand strategy, CI, CD and packaging design. Before i switched to this job I worked in Hamburg, Germany, as a perfume bottle designer for luxury brands.

Would you like to make photography your full­time job or do you like having a healthy balance between the two parts of your life?

What if I say yes to the first question and my boss is reading this? ;) It’s well balanced at the moment and that’s okay. Design at day time photography at night and on weekends.

What do you enjoy most about your hometown? Just in general and the specific things you enjoy doing..

It’s a small town but with a high quality of life. We have four languages in our country and that makes it like a multi­cultural place. Alle these circumstances are not that easy to manage even in a political or social way.

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You have shot a lot of beautiful women.. Is there one shoot that stands out for you for any reason? One that worked better than any expectations you might have had?

Shooting with film really is a process in my eyes and every shooting is special to me. Sometimes I need weeks or month to judge my own pictures. That's why I often ask for critical words from my friends.

Your shoot for S Magazine I found especially beautiful... Was that something that was commissioned?

No we just got in contact and they liked this set of Cristy and published it.

What did you want be when you were 16? Did you think you would be where you are now?

I think I’m still the same as I was 16. I always had ambitious plans but of course they were a bit different. With 16 I was a cyclist and trained every day to reach my goal. Today I’m probably more quiet but love to work a lot for my passion.

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What do you enjoy most about creating images?

I love the analogue process. It’s like sex to me don't ask me why.

Three of your friends we should check out? (musicians/artist/illustrators/creatives/anyone!)

Debora Giugno, my favourite fashion stylist.

Etienne Gröpl, a good friend and ambitious photographer.

brand.3 Architektur my favourite architects.

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What's next? What have you got planned for the rest of the year and what do you want to achieve in the near future?

I would like to do much more fashion shoots for magazines. Would be great to get in touch with new people all over the world for interesting projects.

Thanks a lot Ramon. Any last words/shout outs?

My espresso is cold now. Have to order a new one ;)


Photographer: Ramon Spaeti

Hair & Makeup: Cristina

Model: Jeannine @Visage International Management

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