Focus: Johnny's Bird

Focus: Johnny's Bird

Moni Haworth's photography that's "always always" inspired by America

Moni Haworth's photography depicts such realism that I've started living vicariously through them. The reality being a carefree, love-drugged American life, where the beds are messy and the people are pretty.

I checked out an interview with her on Frock & Roll from 2011 and though she claims to be a little shy, I reckon you have to be brave to photograph people the way she does. She shoots like it's a scene and each collection of photographs is like a micro-story, a little peep into these peoples' lives - most of which are young people in an aging world. I became enamored with the rawness of that reality, with the pierced nipples and desert hops and walled posters and dirt roads and carpetted hallways and cars and disheveled rooms and so many tattoes on such different skin.

Here I'm just sharing my favorite of the lot: fuck drugs lets skate. Her lips are red and his back is scarred and you can feel the adorableness from her dimples and the way they fall. And how lovely are those ivory satin shorts.

IMG 6012

IMG 6056

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IMG 6215

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IMG 6430

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