Dan Cribb links up with Luca Brasi's Tyler Richardson on his next Simpsons tribute - Scorpio

Dan Cribb links up with Luca Brasi's Tyler Richardson on his next Simpsons tribute - Scorpio

The Perth-punker continues his 'Worst Tribute Ever' album.

Late last year Perth-based punker Dan Cribb launched an ambitious new project, one that would find him recording a Simpsons tribute song once a month for the next year. He kicked off with the Alex Lahey-featuring Flaming Moe's (follow that link), and since then we've heard Dr. Zaius/Chimpman-A To Chimpman-Z feat. Jesse Coulter and Whacking Day & Baby On Board feat. Andy & Gav McDougall. Each track has its own special identity, and is clearly crafted with the utmost love from someone who's not only an adoring fan, but a talented artist in his own right.

The series continues this week with a new number called Scorpio, featuring the vocals of Luca Brasi frontman, Tyler Richardson. Rollicking in at a thumping 53 seconds, we kinda like to think of it as much-loved Simpsons villain Scorpio's theme song for the start of his own spin-off TV show... Ah one can dream.

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