Postcards from Polish Club's EU tour

Postcards from Polish Club's EU tour

Catch 'em on their Clarity tour around the country this November/December.

In addition to being two of the funniest dudes on the market, Sydney rock pairing Polish Club are one of the best at what they do, whether it's on their debut album - last year's Alright Already - or Clarity, an absolute epic of a single that packed their energetic, guitar-driven sound into a four-minute explosion of energy that marked their first single from album number two - expected sometime next year. They're also one of the best we have when it comes to their live show, something they'll be showing in person as they haul themselves around the country in a pre-Xmas national run supported by Heaps Good Friends, Sweater Curse and Wing Defence (more deets at the end of this article).

First, though, they just ripped through a European tour, something they've v-nicely wrapped up with a bunch of postcards they found along the way. Take a dive through them below, with Novak's running commentary on each city, along with Clarity and their tour dates below:

Polish Club's Postcards of Europe

munich bochum


MÜNCHEN - I could go on about how beautiful and quaint it was etc. Or I could just give you a moment to appreciate “Inner Wiener Straße”. 


BOCHUM - We were pretty much running on fumes at this point. But we invented a drink called the Bochum Slap. It’s basically four consecutive shots of vodka, OJ & apple juice. But you have to spank the arse of whoever is pouring it. I still have no clue where Bochum is.



WEISBADEN - Just look at that view. Incredible.



BERLIN - It’s cliché to say, but Berlin is like something you know like really cool man ja. Also, the venue was beautiful. Definitely the best vibe show.



BIELEFELD - The local myth is that Bielefeld doesn’t actually exist. It’s a made up city. Having literally been and played there, I have nothing to prove otherwise.



BREMEN - Hangovers + bagpipes. Gr8.



KÖLN - Cologne is amazing. It was our 1st port of call & our first experience with our new home on the Nightliner bus AKA the Fartbox.



HAMBURG - Hamburg is the kind of city that is so superkühl that they have scalectrix tracks in the green room.



LEIPZIG - JH & I walked all day in Leipzig, only to find thousands of Celtic football fans had highjacked the city centre. They lost LOL. There was also beer w/ the tour poster on the label.

Tour Dates (tickets and more info HERE):

clarity tour

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