Photo Diary: Go behind the scenes of Ecca Vandal's Australian tour supporting QOTSA

Photo Diary: Go behind the scenes of Ecca Vandal's Australian tour supporting QOTSA

The genre-bending Melbourne musician supported the rock heavyweights on their Splendour In The Grass sideshows earlier this year.

Photos by Sean McDonald.

Around two years ago now we introduced Melbourne's Ecca Vandal as a "powerful force ready to explode from the Australian music scene" and years on, this introduction really checks out. In her short, yet fruitful career, Vandal has established herself as one of Australia's most exciting songwriters, exploding out of the gates with her energetic, genre-defying sound which mixes elements of punk-rock with electronica and hip-hop. 2017 is shaping up to be her biggest year yet, with the release of her forthcoming debut album later in the year announced with the album's first single Broke Days, Party Nights. Earlier this year she also earned the privilege to support US rock titans Queens Of The Stone Age on their brief, yet triumphant run around Australia in addition to their headlining slot at this year's Splendour In The Grass. Reminiscing on the tour, Ecca Vandal has put together a quick dozen pics from her time on the road supporting QOTSA earlier this year, which you can check out below with the official video for Broke Days, Party Nights.

ecca vandal qotsa27

La la la oh baby oh - warming up the v chords.

ecca vandal qotsa28

The legends I get to share the stage with, constantly inspired by these dudes - Dan Maio, Richie Buxton and Stacey Gray, our buddy Buzz came along for the ride too!

ecca vandal qotsa33

Setting up while watching hilarious videos of the cutest baby animals you've ever seen. always good for a lol.

ecca vandal qotsa29

I'll b in room 6 if anyone is l00kin 4 me.

ecca vandal qotsa31

Finally, our 10 minute sound check begins.... yep, was tight.

ecca vandal qotsa30

Found 20c on the ground, better pocket that for later ;)

ecca vandal qotsa34

It was an epic show!!!!! here's proof - my drummer goes hard. Dan Maio shedding blood for the sport.

ecca vandal qotsa32

Fresh strings before show 2 at Festival Hall - just arrived in Melbourne.

ecca vandal qotsa36

Deep in the bowels of Festival Hall.

ecca vandal qotsa35

Lucky to watch how the pros do it for the second night in a row - QOTSA sound-checking / rehearsing a new tune up - Homme was crackin the whip ;) fully endorse this method cos ya gotta get it sounding just right. timing is running out though... 15 mins til doors and we haven't even got our gear on stage yet....

ecca vandal qotsa37

A msg for all the EV virgins out there.

ecca vandal qotsa39

Slamming the hard stuff post show. camomile tea... so rock n roll

ecca vandal qotsa38

Aren't they handsome?! plus some of the most amazing musicians I’ve ever met. love these guys. I’ve scored big time *-*

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