An Annotated Visual Diary Of The History Of One Day Sundays Perth

An Annotated Visual Diary Of The History Of One Day Sundays Perth

They celebrate three years of epic Sunday sessions at the Rosemount Hotel on August 20.

Sunday August 20 will see one helluva Sunday session going down at the Rosemount Hotel as the One Day Crew celebrate three years of bringing hungover Mondays back to Perth. In recent times the event has a new name (Bubbles), but the same feel good Sunday vibes, and to mark the occasion head honcho Nick Lupi had a dig through the photo archives to showcase a few of their fave snaps/people, with some stories to go with.

Check 'em out below, and get more info/tickets for Bubbles on Sunday 20 August right HERE. All photos by Matsu unless credited otherwise.

ODS 3 Years whole crew

Taken three years ago at the first ever Perth One Day Sundays, which took place during our Mainline Tour. These were the first interstate parties we’d ever done, it was a lot of fun. Rare treat to get all seven One Dayers at an interstate party these days. Simpler times **wipes tear**. (photo: Dana Weeks)

ODS 3 Years Adit pig

Out of those first interstate parties, Perth was far and away the wildest. So we kept coming back. A fan brought their piglet to the party, which was a first for us. This is one of my favourite ever photos of Adit, look how stoked he is.

ODS 3 Years dixy silhouette

If we had to pick the MVP of Perth One Day Sundays over the past three years, it would be Joyride. The life and soul of One Day Sundays, he has rocked countless courtyards, in ways previously unseen.

ODS 3 Years gravy

Another MVP is Gravy aka Jimmy Drones of Tone Youth Collective. DJ, producer, one of the funniest cunts on the planet.

ODS 3 Years j5

ODS 3 Years sand

One of my personal favourite things about our Perth parties is the outfits, the style, the lengths to which people go to look fresh.

ODS 3 Years shisha

How many hip hop parties are there where can you bring your own shisha? One time for the Rosemount Hotel, the best venue, management and staff in Australia.

ODS 3 Years ladies dancing 2

ODS 3 Years ladies dancing

This captures captures the essence of why people love One Day Sundays: sunshine and dancing.

ODS 3 Years Carpark Sunset

Expanding into the adjoining car park definitely kicked things up a notch. Vintage Matsu twilight shot right here.

ODS 3 Years Aslan Beard

At various points over the past few years, One Day Sundays has featured barbers, hair and make up artists, food stalls, basketball courts, grass, sand, graffiti artists….you name it. Pictured here is Perth DJ/personality/style icon Aslan getting his beard trimmed.

In all the time I’ve spent in Perth, I haven’t met anyone who gets love from so many different communities and scenes like Aslan does. He’s played a big, important part in the evolution of the party.

ODS 3 Years Daws

One of Perth’s illest DJs and dear friend of the party: DAWS. Has rocked countless One Day Sundays, the upcoming birthday party will be DAWS’ last as a Perth-based DJ.

ODS 3 Years graff wall

Perth is home to some of the best artists in the world and we've been blessed to have many of them paint murals at our parties. Special shouts to Sarah McCloskey and Creed Birch!

ODS 3 Years dix lupi

I’ve spent a fair chunk of the past few years half-cut standing next to Joyride while he DJs so I’m a reliable source when I say that he’s played the best DJ sets of his life at Perth One Day Sundays.


bubbles poster

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