Behind The Lens: Greta Wolzak

Behind The Lens: Greta Wolzak

We asked our new work experience kid to interview his favourite photographers, next up - Greta Wolzak

Hey, I'm Dexter Wright and I am doing my work experience at Pilerats. I am a small time photographer and love photography and those who are involved with it. I have reached out to a few of my favourite photographers and will be bringing you a new interview every week as part of a new series - Behind The Lens.

Next up is the talented Greta Wolzak. Greta and I met when shooting Groovin the Moo in mid-May and I have been stalking her projects and posts on her Instagram ever since. Her pictures of models/nature are inspirational and unflawed. She can take any location and model and make it look completely candid and in the moment and somehow so elegant at the same time. I sent Greta an email with a few questions and asked for a few photos in return. Check out her response and those photos down below.

great wolzak 06

Who put the first camera in your hands?

I got my first ever film camera second hand when I started photography in High School and ever since then I have always carried a camera with me wherever I go.

What camera are you currently messing with?

I currently use a Canon 6D which I absolutely love the full frame and simplicity of it. I love using my 70-200 mm lens with it because I refer too it as my "sniper lens" which means I can take a step back from what I shoot but also zoom right in and capture some delicate moments.

greta wolzak 03

Your style of shooting is very natural and in the moment. How do you choose your locations?

I love to just drive and find my locations on my days off  with friends and explore around Perth and Western Australia, it's all about taking that off beaten road and discovering hidden beauties. We are so lucky to be so isolated from the rest of the world because there is so much nature and unexplored areas which are waiting to be discovered. I also usually play some music when I am shooting with people just to relax, let go and move with the moment, it's those in between moments where the magic happens.

greta wolzak 07

What’s the one shot that got away?

There has been many shots that got away however there was one night when I was living and working up in the Karijini Roadhouse and there had been a lightning storm which had caused a natural bushfire around the national park. I had met an aboriginal elder who took us exploring and we were in the middle of the outback cooking kangaroo under the milky way. The sky was lit up with these natural bush fires which surrounded us and the lightning was cracking over the vast dry land. We were there in the middle of all this chaos and it was magic. Dancing under the stars and immersed in the Australian culture was a quite spectacular moment. I wish I had captured that evening, however being apart of that moment was much more of an experience.

greta wolzak 08

Who is your biggest inspiration in photography?

I have many photographers who inspire me, however the work of Petra Collins is a huge inspiration for me. Her work is so dreamy and she inspires me to explore the female gaze in my own work.

If you had to choose out of every photo you have taken, which would be your favourite?

I have many favorite images I have taken over the past few years however the most recent image of the dolphin for me was a surreal moment in time for me. I was travelling down south with some other wonderful photographers, we had woken up really early one morning , walked down to the beach and I had never seen such amazing pure morning light before. There out in the ocean there was this beautiful dolphin, the water was dead flat, the sky was baby pink and we were all at awe at how beautiful the West Coast of Australia is. It was one those surreal magical moments in life where you take a breath and feel the serenity. Time was slow and the perfect early morning rise.

greta wolzak 04

Do you listen to music while you edit? If so what album or band in particular?

I listen to a wide variety of music when I edit, it really depends on my mood however I love the blues, jazz and hiphop. Currently I have been keeping it old school and listening to a lot of Pete Rock and Poor Righteous Teachers on the Spotify Radio.

greta wolzak 05

Do you prefer sunrise or sunset to shoot?

I love shooting in the sunset with those warm colours and the vibe is magical. When I am with my models and the sun is setting you feel a sense of ease to the end of the day and its very relaxing.

greta wolzak 02

Dream subject/location to shoot?

I would love to take my camera to the Scandinavian countries and explore the mountain tops because I feel like there would be an amazing adventure for me waiting there. Something epic. I can feel it.

greta wolzak 01

Any up and coming photographers we should be checking out?

Over the years I have met some amazing upcoming photographers and I have been lucky enough work with some amazing creatives so I will just drop a few names for you all to check out. Lana Liddell, Lewis Conte, Cietisoo Nguyen, Dexter Wright, Ricky Gestro, Jessica Josie and Sam Lebib.

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