Photo Diary: Indian Summer take us behind-the-scenes on the making of his comeback single, Right At Home

Photo Diary: Indian Summer take us behind-the-scenes on the making of his comeback single, Right At Home

The now-solo project of Gabe Gleeson returns with Right At Home, a new single featuring Aaron Michael.

In case you missed the news on their Facebook the other day, the once electronic two-piece Indian Summer has now become a one-piece, with Gabe Gleeson (half of the duo) continuing on with the project while Chevy Long, the other half, works on his own projects. Right At Home is Indian Summer's returning single and it's an absolute jam, combining that signature, groovy bassline with synthy melodies and Aaron Michael's bright guest-vocals for another pop-house classic. "A collaborative process happening from opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean is always an exciting prospect, with Los Angeles' Aaron Michael it was an absolute pleasure," Gleeson says on the pairing. "I'm very proud of what we've put together here, there was no need for phone calls or late night Skypes - we just bounced ideas back and forth in rapid succession. Having materialised in a very natural and fluid way, Right At Home is the product of equal parts serendipity and mutual intuition - the best way for a tune to come together."

With the single out today - grab it HERE - we've been lucky enough to get some behind-the-scenes insight into the single's creation from Gleeson himself. Check it all out below:

Skipping to the Studio on a Tuesday Morning:

A fairly self-explanatory image - my week usually starts on a Tuesday as Monday is my life admin/recovery day from weekend travel. Looks like there was quite a bit more pep in my step on this particular occasion, I usually steer clear of coffee or energy drinks but perhaps this was a day that I indulged.

Skipping to the studio on a Tuesday morning preview

Playing with New Toys:

We recently got a Moog Sub 37 Analog Synth and it's been a joy to mess around with. Philosophically I'm usually an 'in-the-box' kind of producer but I must admit this has been a welcome addition to the space. Note the choccy eggs making a cameo in this pic, they turned up around Easter time and were rapidly devoured (mostly by me).

Playing with new toys preview

Freaking Out at my Hard Drive:

I get the shits with my external HD when it refuses to back up via Time Machine, it just gets stuck and won't continue - sometimes I get suckered into sitting in front of it for hours to no avail. They can put a man on the moon, right?

At the end of the day this is a first world Apple problem but maybe if someone has experienced this issue and can offer help send me a tweet @indiansummerau - I must warn you though that I've tried almost everything. Issues like this really do kill your buzz when it comes to being creative

Freaking out at my Hard Drive when it refuses to back up preview

Freaking Uut at my Wi-Fi Router:

Frequent dropouts, need I say more? #fucknbn

Freaking out at the router when the internet drops out preview

Tune Testing in Perth:

Playing in Western Australia comes only a close second to a great hometown set in Melbourne on my list of favourite places to play. There's nothing like the feeling of testing a new tune in front of an away audience and getting a solid reaction, thank you Perth for making me feel 'Right At Home'.

Tune testing in Perth preview

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