Behind The Lens: James Adams

Behind The Lens: James Adams

We asked our new work experience kid to interview his favourite photographers, first up - James Adams.

Hey, I'm Dexter Wright and I am doing my work experience at Pilerats. I am a small time photographer and love photography and those who are involved with it. I have reached out to a few of my favourite photographers and will be bringing you a new interview every week as part of a new series - Behind The Lens.

Our first photographer is James Adams, a music/lifestyle photographer and all round legend who has shot the likes of Father John Misty, Lil Yachty, DMA’s and even travelled on tour with Kasabian in Glasgow. His photos make your heart race, capture emotion and passion like no photographer I have ever seen and genuinely just make you want to party.

I sent James an email with a few questions and asked for a few photos in return. Check out his response and those photos below:

james adams 01 crabs

Who put the first camera in your hands?

Mum did. Her old camera from when she was a teen.

james adams 10 pear

What camera are you currently messing with?

I'm always fondling a Contax G2, the old faithful. I recently got another Contax, more of a point and shoot style but I left it in a taxi in London, never to be seen again. Cut.

james adams 09 josh aubry

You always seem to be in the right place at the right time to capture your images. What’s your secret?

Put yourself in the right place at the right time. Foresight helps and along with having a few drinks to combat the ol shyness (drink responsibly)

james adams 02 crowd mess

james adams 03 dmas

james adams 04 elliott hammond

What’s the one shot that got away?

It's a fresh wound. On the camera I left in the taxi I had a shot from a recent trip to Glasgow, Scotland with the band Kasabian. After their show, we were back at the hotel, which was a castle, and were hanging out with a bride and groom that'd just been married there. I distinctly remember taking a shot of Sergio standing in a hooded white trench coat with the bride on one side of him and the groom, in a kilt, on the other side. It looked confusing, thought provoking and fucking unreal. Could have been my best photo yet but I like to think that I fucked it and it wouldn't have turned out.

james adams 11 tyler oneill

Who is your biggest inspiration in photography?

I don't look around enough. Most of my inspiration come from things outside of photography. A mate gave me an Ed Templeton book and I like that. Looking through his books you never know what could be on the next page. Some shots are far from perfect but make sense in print.

james adams 08 the jezabels

If you had to choose out of every photo you have taken, which would be your favourite?

I don't have an all time favourite, I like to keep them coming. When I was in London I spent tonnes of time with my cousin Thomas. He's totally unpredictable, completely unique and one of my favourite people to be around. He's like a brother to me. I got this shot back the other day from when I stayed with him and instantly love it. I'd say it's one of my current favourites.

james adams 05 hommas favourite

Do you listen to music while you edit? If so what album or band in particular?

If it's music photos I'm editing I'll listen to the band I'm editing photos of which makes sense to me but is also kinda dorky. Otherwise I want lovely music to sit in the background and not steal my focus and get me too excited.

Dream subject/artist to shoot?

Anyone'll do. Anyone that's uniquely themselves. Maybe cousin Thomas again.

james adams 06 irish times

james adams 07 jamie preisz

Any up and coming photographers we should be checking out?

I wish I had a great list of up and comers and I know there are fucking tonnes of young guys with flare. But that question creates one of those situations where I shut my eyes and put my hands over my ears and yell BLLAHHH BLLAHHH BLLAHHHH BBLLAAAHHHHHHHH.

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