Voice For Change - a documentary series combatting youth issues in Victoria

Voice For Change - a documentary series combatting youth issues in Victoria

A rad initiative featuring people like Urthboy, Sampa The Great, Ecca Vandal and more.

Voice For Change has been a community-focused project launched by Mushroom Group with support from the Victorian Government, focused on combatting some of the issues affecting Victorian youth. And over the past couple of months, and seven fantastic videos, the project has interviewed a number of leading urban/hip hop and sporting personalities, covering a diverse range of cultural heritage all with the aim of telling their story. And in doing so, helping to raise awareness about street and youth violence, education, and antisocial behaviour, in an attempt to foster creativity amongst Victoria's youth, and using it as an oulet to positively impact and connect with local communities.

Across seven videos, the series has spoken to popular Australian hip hop acts Urthboy, Diafrix, Sampa The Great and B Wise, punk-hip hop artist Ecca Vandal, AFL player Majak Daw and A-League player Archie Thompson. Each video has a unique angle, and something that anyone can find some commonalities within. Today sees the release of episode number 8, called Youth For Change, an all-encompassing documentary that looks back on all the previous episodes and featured people, along with some other youths for change. It's a brilliant watch, and you can check it out below, along with the previous seven episodes conveniently embedded below that:








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