• Alex The Astronaut’s Integrated Inspirations

    "I guess it's the macro into the micro, you're looking from a bird's eye view, to get to these really nitty gritty, tiny little subjects"

  • The Beauty of Imperfections with GUM

    “Having everything perfectly recorded and mixed isn't necessarily that interesting to listen to...”

  • Superorganism Keep It Real

    "If you are in a position where you have a strong sense of your own identity and you know what you want to do and accomplish and stuff as an artist or in life, I think you should just try and stick with that"

  • What's in Viagra Boys' Name?

    “Metallica was already taken so we had to go with Viagra Boys…”

  • The Music of Mike Paradinas

    We catch up with legendary producer and label boss to talk all things µ-Ziq, Planet Mu, reissuing records, producing on laptop speakers, footwork and so much more

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