Meet the lineup to Good Intent's 1st B'Day - including their secret headliner

Meet the lineup to Good Intent's 1st B'Day - including their secret headliner

Going down as a part of this year's King Street Crawl, the lineup is stacked with favourites both new and old.

Since forming this time last year, Australian music industry mainstays Good Intent have become one of the industry's most in-demand groups behind-the-scenes of your weekly releases and tours. In just one year, they've worked alongside some of the country's biggest labels and most exciting musicians in a PR role, and even stretched out into a management role - working with Bootleg Rascal, Down For Tomorrow and AKA Lui, while their publicity sector covers everything from heavy heroes Redhook to Bag Raiders, Kim Churchill, Luude and The Gooch Palms. This year, as a part of Sydney's King Street Crawl this Sunday, they're officially celebrating their first birthday with a lineup stacked top to bottom with favourites and clients of theirs over the years, from the bigger acts - Bootleg Rascal, a last-minute special guest - to smaller acts we've gotten behind across the past year thanks to their influence and knack for finding what's next, such as Nelipot and songwriting weapon A.GIRL.

You can find the full lineup below, but before it goes down, allow us to introduce you to their lineup one act at a time, shining a light on some of the brightest talent both near and far (the latter largely thanks to the inclusion of three Singapore-based acts we've been introducing you to over the last few weeks - Caracal, .gif and Lincoln Lim). Grab more information on the show HERE.

Good Intent 1st B'Day Lineup:

bootleg rascal good intent 1

Now, meet the lineup:


Bootleg Rascal

A band that needs no introduction at this point, the genre-bending two-piece party-starters will start their forthcoming east coast tour a touch earlier than expected, being added to Good Intent's first birthday as a surprise last-minute guest. They'll be touring their new double A-side Yin & Yang, a two-track release composed of Get Over Myself and Tryin’ To Run that showcases their strengths in versatility and range. 

More: This Week's Must-Listen Singles: Adrian Eagle, Vera Blue, Bootleg Rascal + more.

Down For Tomorrow

Down For Tomorrow are one of the country's most exciting new bands to this pop/punk/rock space that has been undergoing quite the transformation in the past few years, blossoming into what is now one of the country's most dominative sounds. Their second EP, Thanks To You, is a showcase of what the band have become best at, welcoming six songs of blistering punk that feels like a step into the future of Australia's involvement with the genre. 

Listen: Down For Tomorrow's second EP, Thanks To You, available on Spotify.


Definitely an act that should be on everyone's radars entering the second half of 2019, Nelipot are a Central Coast-based trio who amplify the growing success of Central Coast's music scene. Tackling this breezy indie-rock sound, the group have been compared to the likes of Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes as they bring strong hooks together with thick guitar rhythms that feel like a breath of fresh air - something evident on their last single, Lucy's Better, and something that's going to probably reappear as they continue to turn into something special.

More: Introducing Central Coast crew Nelipot, and their new single Garden Hose Rainbows.


Today's music world is going through somewhat of a songwriting moment, with a heavier emphasis built upon charming hooks and powerful lyrical work when compared to what once used to be the only thing people were after - bangers. Sydney musician A.GIRL is a still-rising name who channels this name through shimmering R&B, working captivating hooks into swirling productions to create moments of gold that stick with you from the second you hear them.


Monatomic are a two-piece from Sydney who specialises in this soaring pop-firmed electronica, with their latest single for example - One More Chance - doubling down on the bright, hook-filled electro-pop they introduced with their previous break-out, They’re Playing My Song. They're quickly becoming one of the pop world's most exciting newcomers, and with Good Intent's 1st Birthday approaching, they're heading into the second half of 2019 with some incredibly exciting material behind them.

More: Premiere -- MONATOMIC bring glitch-funk on They're Playing My Son.


Rising as a part of that dominative surf-rock rise, Sydney-based trio Scabz are a group offering something a touch different to the rest of that jangly guitar-pop world, backing DIY tones with captivating vocals as they combine the worlds of pop-punk and pub-rock with a slice of humour to add to the flavour. We met them with Starting Line, but they've since put out a track called Brett Lee's Got No I.D. And He Can't Get Into World Bar. Do whatever you like with that information.

More: Say how ya garn to SCABZ, "just three gals from Newtown giving it a red hot go".


As introduced a few weeks back, Caracal are a Singapore-based group specialising in a bit of a heavier rock sound, blossoming into one of the region's brightest names in post-hardcore and heavy-rock. Their latest single, Mouth Of Madness, is a triumphant return for a band built for success, with hectic percussion and raging guitars meeting powerful vocals from frontwoman Rachel Lu who bring something different to a band becoming a BIGSOUND must-see.

More: Meet Singapore group Caracal, who share Mouth Of Madness ahead of BIGSOUND.

Lincoln Lim 

Another Singapore-based artist, Lincoln Lim is a massive change of pace from Caracal before him. Instead, he makes down-tempo and glistening indie for fans of Ben Howard and James Vincent McMorrow; his vocal swirling amongst subtle melodies and softness. His latest single Losing - the third in a series of five releases scheduled - is a glistening indie-folk ballad that's sure to impress, and definitely a welcome sign that he's someone worth keeping an eye on.


The third of three Singapore-based musicians, .gif are a down-tempo electronica duo whose work navigates woozy synth and left-field rhythms; their work slightly more left-field when compared to the Australian electronic market, bridging this gap between the experimentalism of Bjork collaborator Arca and acts like Kllo. With a new album on the horizon, there's no telling how big this pairing may get both here and in Singapore.

More: Meet gif, the Singapore-based electronic duo showcasing at BIGSOUND.


Wolfjay is an Adelaide-raised, Melbourne-based musician we've talked about a few times in the past, drawn largely to the beauty of their break-out single She Calls To Me. Their latest release, Together, is a dreamy soundscape that explores the meeting points of The Postal Service and Porter Robinson (an intersection I've now-learnt has been long-overdue), with atmospheric synth and airy vocals finding a home amongst layers of glistening melodies and rhythms that make Wolfjay's music one of the more complex in our budding electronic market.

More: Premiere -- Wolfjay drops the loved-up vid for latest single, She Calls To Me.


There's not too much to be said about Junie. It's the solo project of Bootleg Rascal's Carlos and he's yet to even drop a single song yet, but considering the strength of him in a pairing, we have no doubts that this will be something special.

More: Soon! 

Sister Peach 

Sydney-based indie-electronica duo Sister Peach may be the last act we're introducing you to today, but they're definitely not the least exciting. Consisting of DJ/producers Chris Arnott (aka Friendless) and Joey London, the two-piece brings infectious grooves and a subtle funk pulse together with shimmering keys and rich guitar plucks, all layers amongst each other to create intricately jigsawed electronica that feels like the start of a bright future.

Dappled Cities DJs / Jake Stone (Bluejuice) DJ Set 

If you don't know Dappled Cities or Bluejuice, we can't really help you out here, but they're DJing too. Yew!

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