10 Quintessential Indie-Dance Bangers

10 Quintessential Indie-Dance Bangers

As told by All My Friends, a crew throwing a new weekly late night party in Sydney.

After a successful run of monthly parties over the course of 2016, good time purveyors All My Friends have given themselves more work (and you more dancing), by moving to a weekly format in 2018. Teaming up with The Music and Booze Co. All My Friends is now weekly at Waywards (Bank Hotel), kicking off at 11pm and bringing some of the best new and classic indie-dance bang0rs from up-and-coming DJs and established names, removing your need to host kick-ons til the wee hours. The reasoning, according to AMF founder Josh Kelly, is simple: "I started the party to fill the indie void in the Sydney club scene. Growing up with parties like Purple Sneakers and Teenage Kicks, I wanted to create a party that would showcase all the great new indie music that’s coming out as well as hear all those classic tracks - a party where you could dance to Joy Division and Flight Facilities in the one night!"

With their first weekly event kicking off this Friday 26 January (more info on that one HERE), we decided it best to make sure they're legit, and asked us to give them their 10 quintessential indie-dance bangers. Safe to say, they did not disappoint:

Heart It Races - Architecture In Helsinki

Heart is races is just one giant build up. It builds and builds and builds and builds until in finally reaches its shiny, shimmery, hands in the air climax.

Over and Over - Hot Chip


Skeleton Boy - Friendly Fires

Skeleton Boy is an absolute floor filler. There could be not a soul on the dancefloor but by the time this song finishes the room will be full of people jumping around singing and dancing like maniacs.

Deceptacon (DFA Remix) - Le Tigre

This song makes you want to strut! Doesn’t matter if you are in the office, at home, at the super market or at the club when this song comes on you’re getting your best Kate Moss on and you’re strutting baby!

House Of Jealous Lovers - The Rapture

If this song had a smell it would be sweat! This song is crowded dancefloor, wet shirt, stinging eyes sweaty! More cowbell please!

Saturdays - Cut Copy

Cut Copy are the darlings of Australian indie-dance. This is probably my favourite Cut Copy Song. It gets played at our parties a lot.

Time To Get Away - LCD Soundsystem

Not that I have a favourite LCD track but this one would be up there. This song gets you in a party mood. It starts off a little slow but by the end your jumping around singing “hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo”.

Date With The Night - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I am obsessed with Karen O. She is one of those people who is completely mesmerising and absolutely terrifying at the same time. I love you Karen.

Young Folks - Peter, Bjorn & John

I always envisioned this song would be how I’d meet the love of my life. I’d be out somewhere and this song would come on, we would lock eyes from across the room, I’d sing all the male parts to her and she would sing all the female parts to me. By the end of the song we would be in love haha. So next time you hear this song have a look around you never know who’s eyes you might meet.

Kick Jump Twist - Sylvan Esso

This was one of our favourite tracks from 2017. Kind of sound like if Fiest and Little Dragon ever had a baby. We dig it!

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