Some Hot Tips For The Incoming Perth Festival Chevron Gardens Season

Some Hot Tips For The Incoming Perth Festival Chevron Gardens Season

Some incredible international and national talent are on their way here.

In Perth (and perhaps it's the same in most places), it seems like our "silly season" really does go on for basically all over summer. Once the plethora of pop-up bars start slinging out their sun-drenched wares from mid-December it's game on, but a staple of the Perth summer music season for a long time now has been Perth Festival. Consistently bringing over some of the world's most exciting and forward-thinking artists - along with a host of killer local talent - the 2018 lineup at Chevron Gardens is no different. We touched on the early announcements of The Avalanches and Dizzee Rascal a while back, and seen as they've already sold out, we've combed through the upcoming program for a few more highlight shows to get around:

Fri 9 Feb - Electric Fields + Skinnyfish Sound System + Kardajala Kirridarra (Opening Night)

Perth Festival opens their Chevron account with a special night of soulful sounds headlined by Adelaide's Electric Fields, and supported by regular Pile-faves Kardajala Kirridarra, along with Skinnyfish Sound System. Worldly beats with a particularly Australian slant, it promises to be a pretty special way to get the ball rolling. (MORE INFO/TICKETS)

Sat 10 Feb - Block Party (Lab Six Showcase)

Lab Six has been showing kids how it's done for a few years now, and the second night of Chevron Garndens opens the floor to a whole heap of their young alumni. You may not recognise some of the names, but know there's every chance they'll be destroying a club near you very soon. (MORE INFO/TICKETS)

Wed 14 Feb - Abbe May + Clam Jam

Abbe May needs no introducing when it comes to Perth music - an absolute shredder of the highest order, she'll be celebrating her new album Fruit, alongside an all-star lineup of Australia's finest female musicians in something of a mini-festival of women in music. Perth-based legends Sex Panther are back in business for one special night, joined by one of this country's finest - Thelma Plum.


Sun 18 Feb - Northeast Party House + Wafia + Willaris. K

This is one we're particularly excited about, as three of our absolute favourite Australian artists combine for a night of mixed genres but pure excitement. Party champs Northeast Party House host proceedings, supported by the wonderful Wafia celebrating her just-released EP, along with Willaris. K AKA the future.


Wed 21 Feb - Shigeto + Too Many Zooz

Shigeto blew our minds on his Australian tour last year, and we beyond excited to see him do his percussive live sets again, this time alongside hotly tipped New York outfit Too Many Zooz. A damn groovy night in the gardens is all but guaranteed.


Fri 23 Feb - Tropical Fuck Storm + Fingerfingerr

Tropical Fuck Storm, featuring The Drones' Gareth Liddiard and Fiona Kitschin, will be bringing a very special kind of rock'n'roll intensity that will shake the leaves from the trees of the Chevron Gardens. Joined by emerging global artists from Brazil (FingerFingerrr) and The Trees And The Wild (Indonesia), it's a night for a rock'n'roll.


Sat 24 Feb - A.B. Original + Downsyde

An Australian hip hop force not to be fucked with, Trials and Briggs as A.B. Original have conquered all before them over the 18 or so months, and quite rightly. They've been calling Australia out for a lot of our bullshit, and doing so with some of the best hip hop and rap this country has ever seen. They're joined by Perth legends Downsyde, for what promises to be a fierce, no-holds-barred night of real talk amidst some real rap music.


Check the full Chevron Gardens lineup HERE.

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