Listen to Spirit Wave, a rave-y second taste of Mall Grab's debut album

Listen to Spirit Wave, a rave-y second taste of Mall Grab's debut album

After making a return back in July, the Australian ex-pat continues to tease his first album with a song that makes it two for two thus far.

There's a lot of excitement building in Mall Grab land. Throughout the year, the London-based producer has continued his consistent outpouring of new material, with a Steel City Dance Discs compilation arriving back in January, a number of collaborations as both Mall Grab and Jordon Alexander littering the last few months, and a handful of new tunes - including April's Effy-assisted FMG - all coming to light as the Australian-born producer continues to relish in the creative bout that's defined his last year or two.

However, these don't come close to the excitement brewed with his last single Love Reigns in July, which came with a tease that Mall Grab's long-awaited debut album was on the way. The pacing "love letter" to his "new hometown" came with news of a debut album on the horizon, and while it's currently unknown whether Love Reigns will feature on the record, it still brought an example of Mall Grab's ever-evolving sound - something we're sure the album is bound to spotlight with its eventual arrival.

Likewise, it's something reflected in Spirit Wave, a second new single that debuts today via his Looking For Trouble imprint. It's a single inspired by Mall Grab's growing connection to the nature that surrounds him, translating a comfort he's relished in over the last year into a pacing, club-ready anthem that emphasis Mall Grab's production prowess, and he continues to experiment within the production of his work and the stories and experiences that underlay its inspiration.

"Spirit Wave is a track very heavily influenced by my increased interest in nature over the past two years," he says on the song. "This track recalls laying down in the grass with my eyes closed and thinking about all the good times - and dancing, seeing all of my friends again and being immersed amongst the trees and flowers, hills and animals. On some real hippy shit - a return to simplicity."

It's something intricately built within Spirit Wave's production, as a relentless percussive rhythm navigates the natural ebbs and flows of Mall Grab's house/techno-bordering sound, with a couple of nostalgic, rave-y elements thrown into the songwriting. The end result is something brilliant, and with plenty more on the way thanks to his looming album, we're sure that the remainder of 2021 - and 2022 - will showcase much more evidence of Mall Grab's ever-consistent growth.

In the meantime, take a dive into the new song below:

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