Premiere: Great Gable go from strength to strength, drop clip for All My Friends

Premiere: Great Gable go from strength to strength, drop clip for All My Friends

The WA four-piece are quickly blossoming into one of the country's up-next acts, with a tour planned through the Autumn.

Header image by Liam Fawell.

Over the last twelve months, we've seen a bunch of incredibly talented Perth bands 'blow up' into the national music sphere, and every time, it gives us a moment of whiplash. We often find ourselves questioning "how did this local band suddenly break into selling out shows on the east coast? And if they've just done it, who's next?" Great Gable are a band currently in the middle of experiencing this for themselves, having spent the last few years blossoming into a local favourite amongst the Perth indie-rock world that now, entering a bright 2020 ahead, are gearing up for something on a whole other level.

After sharing their Lazy Bones Tapes EP last year, their first single of 2020 - All My Friends - is exactly the type of release that'll see Great Gable step into the next chapter of their break-out. Produced by Matt Corby (!) and Alex Henriksson, the track is a dreamy take on their rich indie-pop that balances the band's potent vocals with hearty guitar melodies and songwriting that shows how far they've come over the years, with lyrics "about working towards forgiving yourself after hurting someone close to you" weaving amongst the single's ebbs and flows as it rises and falls.

It's an incredible single that doesn't just showcase Great Gable's consistency, but one that shows how they're able to one-up themselves with every release. The Lazy Bones Tapes was an incredibly strong release and one that placed Great Gable on the national music canon radar, but with something like All My Friends, it's clear that it's only the beginning.

Today, we're stoked to premiere the video clip for All My Friends a little early, which sees Great Gable continue to soar and drive themselves towards a national rise as they pair a brilliant single with equally brilliant visuals. Filmed at The Music Farm, the clip for All My Friends is a mix of footage that teases their forthcoming year, self-captured by the band as they record their forthcoming debut album at the studio. After all, what better way is there to visually accompany a track with teases of what's to come? "It gives you a taste of what we got up to in the studio and all the sick times we had," says drummer Callum Guy on the clip.

All My Friends' video clip comes in hot following the announcement of a national tour for the group, which will take their trademark, ruckus-inducing live show across the country (and New Zealand) this Autumn accompanied by special guests that highlight the brilliance of Perth's music world - Jamilla, Airline Food - and those also on the verge of blossoming into something incredibly exciting in their own markets: Ethanol Blend, Velvet Bloom and New Zealand's Corduroy.

You can find the full list of dates below - grab your tickets here - but before all that happens, dive into the video clip for All My Friends and stay tuned as Great Gable work themselves up to an explosive year ahead.

Tour Dates: 

Thursday 9 April - Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide SA+
Friday 10 April - Howler, Melbourne VIC#
Saturday 11 April - Wrangler, Melbourne VIC @
Friday 17 April - Crowbar, Sydney NSW#
Sunday 19 April - Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane QLD#
Friday 24 April - Blue Smoke, Christchurch NZ^
Sunday 26 April - San Fran, Wellington NZ^
Saturday 2 May - Tuning Fork, Auckland NZ^
Saturday 20 June - Badlands, Perth WA*

+w/ Ethanol Blend and Jamilla
*w/ Airline Food and Jamilla
#w/ Velvet Bloom and Jamilla
^w/ Corduroy and Jamilla
@w/ Jamilla

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