Hockey Dad let us in on the road trip playlist that's kept them alive during their US tour

Hockey Dad let us in on the road trip playlist that's kept them alive during their US tour

Some serious driving tunes from the surf-rock duo.

Surf-rock duo Hockey Dad have been causing a ruckus across the US for the last little while, lighting up stages with their high-energy, high-fun live show, so we thought we'd get the fellas to fill us in on their playlist of road trip tunes that have helped them survive all those hours behind the wheel. The boys from Windang have just released their debut album, Boronia, and they have a handful of dates left to play in the States before they bring the party back to us - including a slot at Yours & Owls Festival on October 1.

Check out Hockey Dad's certified Road Trip Survival Playlist below.


Twin Peaks - Wanted You

These nutcases have some cracking albums, but this song from the new album is out of this world. Our minds melted when we heard the insane backing vocals, and the solo is bullshit good too.

King Tuff - Eyes Of The Muse

We figured out that this album was recorded out the back of GnarBurger when we had an instore there once. Since then we've been flogging it. The rude boy riffs and mental drum fills are perfect for every road trip.

Parkway Drive - Vice Grip

This has been our alarm tone for the whole trip...and by alarm, I mean our Road Hog blasting it through speakers in our room every morning. It's not as brutal as your average Parkway but it's the emotional uplifter you need to hear when you're hungover and have to drive all day. 

Muuy Biien - Human Error

We've been touring with these legends over here, and every set has been batshit crazy. They've been playing heaps of new ones they haven't recorded yet, but their DYI record is cop a listen.

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have You Ever Seen The Rain

This is the 3am pissup sing along with all our mates at home. Whenever one of us starts singing it in public, we all slowly kick in one by one, and by the chorus, we're all belting it as rude as possible. It's a sick one for the hitting the road too.

Radiators - Gimme Head

Speaking of rude, this one is an absolute banger. We were having a pissup around the fire before we left for the states, and we were throwing around old classic songs to listen to...been copping it daily ever since we re-visited it.

Horror My Friend - PB Remains

We're so stoked to be touring with these scrubbers for our AUS album tour. We lost our minds when we heard their debut. This song is the album closer, but it's still got so much guts.

Merle Haggard - Ramblin' Fever

When we were on a road trip earlier this year, we were taking the piss out of songs that are sick for the long open roads...this one actually stuck and we all froth it now. 

The Murlocs - Rolling On

This song is the cornerstone to every pissup in the shed at home. It's just one of those albums that makes you say "Aw get farked" every time you hear it. They say nothing is perfect, but this wouldn't be far off.

Yuck - Hearts In Motion

We've been Yuck fans from the get go, every record they put out is sick from start to finish. This song rips at the heart strings though. It'll give you a jab in the guts, but still leave you with butterflies.


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