Premiere: Timothy Nelson shares Your House single, teases new album and WA tour

Premiere: Timothy Nelson shares Your House single, teases new album and WA tour

The West Australian favourite is readying his first album in four years, scheduled for release this Winter.

Timothy Nelson and his strawberry blonde afro are well-recognised in the West Australian music world, having been a mainstay within the glistening indie-rock-pop amalgamation of worlds since around 2015. In the time since, Nelson has become somewhat of a state favourite; a regular at music events - even if he's not playing - and someone whose discography is amongst the state's most consistently strong, whether that be through releases such as his 2016 record Words Like Young or the string of tracks and other releases that litter the rest of his work.

In 2020, Timothy Nelson is gearing up for somewhat of a second wind, taking a quiet period since Words Like Young to build on his sound and craft new music that doesn't so much feel like an extension of his work to-date rather than an evolution, spotlighting his growth and songwriting maturity that's occured in the time since Words Like Young. This growth and evolution is something we're expecting to see on his just-announced new record It's Easy To Dwell, scheduled for release in August 2020. It's a record that won't just remind West Australia about Nelson's craft for high-tier indie-pop, but one that'll hopefully elevate him on a national scale, something we see destined for Nelson's future as his continues to strive and level-up with every release.

It's Easy To Dwell's first taste, the today-premiering Your House, sets up this goal of national attention and aims to knock it out of the park with just one shot, taking the sound that Timothy Nelson has refined and become known for over the years, and layering it with a stronger emphasis for the hooks that often lay underneath his woozy indie, taking him into a more pop-centric direction as he goes. It's bright and summer-y - Nelson's vocal floats amongst a shimmering collection of melodies that feel perfect for the sun-stricken evening sky - and an exciting path to pave leading up to a full-length record incoming.

"It’s basically about having no money, but knowing a friend that does, and inviting yourself over to their house so you can enjoy the day like a boss," says Nelson on the single, which in addition to the announcement of his forthcoming solo record, also comes with the announcement of a string of West Australian dates scheduled across this month in both Perth and regional centres. "The song kind of popped into my head one day," he continues. "I was driving around, just finished up with a morning commitment, and had nothing to do. I called up my buddy and popped ‘round to his home studio. We grabbed a couple of guitars had a demo recorded in about an hour… it’s an anthem for all the freeloaders out there. You just gotta own it."

Dive into the track below, stay tuned for more details on Timothy Nelson's forthcoming solo record It's Easy To Dwell incoming, and be sure to check him out at one of those aforementioned West Australian shows you'll find after the single embed:

Tour Dates: 

timothy nelson your house tour poster

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