The 10 Best Aussie Tracks of November '22

The 10 Best Aussie Tracks of November '22

From ambient, experimental, and danceable electronic cuts, to folk, pop, soul, grunge, and r&b tracks, here are our top picks for the month that was.

As the end of 2022 grows nearer, Australian artists are closing out the year strong with stacks of fantastic releases from all corners of the continent. The Pilerats team have scoured through and narrowed down our favourite picks for November, presenting the 10 Best Aussie Tracks released in November. 

So kick back and press play on a hand-picked selection of tracks from Basic Mind, Enola, KUČKA, Laura Jean, Moktar, Mo’ju, No Zu, Stephen Bailey, Rat Child, and Timothy Nelson

Basic Mind - Closed Gateway 

With a focus on groove, feeling, and precise production, the Boorloo/Perth-based artist treats us to an ambient, electronic, house cut, providing maximum vibes with a minimalistic approach. Closed Gateway is out now via the influential underground label R.A.N.D. Muzik. 

Enola - Metal Body 

Vulnerable and tender, yet abrasive and powerful, this Naarm/Melbourne based musician has fused indie-rock and grunge sounds to yield a sparkling heavy-hitting anthemic release. Working up to a debut LP in 2023, Metal Body is Enola’s second single of the year, exploring the limitations and deficiencies of the healthcare system.

KUČKA - Not There

The Boorloo/Perth raised, L.A.-based producer-vocalist follows on from their debut LP with this experimental electronic pop track. Sonically inspired by a .gif of a skyscraper window found on tumblr, with lyrics written by KUČKA and their wife, Not There is a patchwork of experiences forged in a breathtaking, bitter-sweet way.  

Laura Jean - Amateurs 

Naarm/Melbourne’s Laura Jean questions her role as a songwriter and examines the reality of her choices with her latest stunning album Amateurs, the title track encapsulating these themes in a warm hearted, humorous manner, and setting them to string-ladened folk-pop sounds. 

Moktar - Al-Duqqi

The Egyptian-Australian DJ/producer explores his Middle Eastern heritage throughout his passionate and danceable EP Immigrant, a release which you can read all about here. Opening the release strong with the delectable Al-Duqqi, which serves an infectious beat wrapped in lush melodies. 

Mo’ju - Change Has To Come 

The story-telling singer-songwriter teases the release of their fourth LP with their latest soul-filled, groove-ladened plea to step away from the screens and keyboards, and fight for change. Accompanied by an equally movie music clip - which we premiered here, experience Change Has To Come in all its sonic and visual glory. 

No Zu - Heat Beat Head 

Regrouped and releasing their first new original music single 2016, Naarm/Melbourne based “heat beat” icons No Zu create smooth, funk ladened, dance magic with their track Heat Beat Head lifted from their new EP Heat Beat

Rat Child - Changes

A smooth mix of r&b, soul, and blues radiates from this Naarm/Melbourne based singer-songwriter, unravelling tender lyrics delivered through effortlessly silky, emotion-inflicted vocal melodies in Changes, a track from her new debut album My Morning and Afternoon’s Work

Stephen Bailey - Susie & The Babe 

The Boorloo/Perth artist recently released his fourth album G. G. Ryder (which you can read more on here), an LP which features a smooth yet jangly track reminiscent of the 70s; Susie & The Babe. With a feel-driven rhythm, noodling guitars, and layers of satisfying vocal harmonies it’s a sonically satisfying track with an intriguing lyrical narrative. 

Timothy Nelson - forever, lover, whatever 

The award winning singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist releases his first new solo single in two years, an emotional alt-folk styled track that draws inspiration from a sentiment, more than a clear-cut narrative. Premiered a couple of weeks ago on the site, you can read more about forever, lover, whatever here

Listen to The Best Aussie Track of '22 playlist here: 

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