Premiere: The Lulu Raes share Can’t Run No More, lock in east-coast dates

Premiere: The Lulu Raes share Can’t Run No More, lock in east-coast dates

The quickly-rising indie-pop favourites will launch the new single with two shows this April, in Sydney and Melbourne.

Over the last few years, we've had the pleasure of watching The Lulu Raes blossom from a local favourite within the Sydney indie-rock-meets-pop world to an entirely different force, with a string of consistently strong releases - including a break-out debut EP back in 2016 entitled All Our Parents Are Divorced and a somewhat sound-defining debut album LULU - pushing the band further into the spotlight while showcasing their craft for jangly, guitar-backed instrumentals and its intertwining with swirling pop. As a result, they've become adored go-to's of the country's indie output - playing Falls Festival and supporting Dune Rats on the live stage - while further singles have continued to push them into the limelight with every release.

Their 2019 was simultaneously quiet and busy (somehow), riding the wave carved by their debut album the year prior while releasing a stand-alone single Piece of Mind in the middle-ish of the year; their crunchy take on pop-rock finding new limits that today, continue to be stretched out with the release of their first single for the year, Can't Run No MoreCan't Run No More is a single that intertwines The Lulu Raes' trademark sound with this sense of mid-2000s indie-pop nostalgia, finding the middle ground between modernised guitar melodies and nods to acts like The Shins and The Kooks in the process.

As a strange comparison that emphasises this, you kind of get the sense that Can't Run No More is the type of song that could be played over the Falls Festival speakers in both 2020 and 2010; a present-day recollection of the past's slick and polished indie rock brought forward into the future and swirled with The Lulu Raes' distinct sound in a way that keeps it fresh and exciting.

"Can’t Run No More is about loving a person, but not being able to talk about it or fully comprehend the feelings, because the person is just one of those individuals who work so hard, accomplishes everything and seems a cut above regular people," says the band on the single; this complex but truthful dive onto the hardships of love showcased above layers of lush guitars and gentle rhythms that keep it in place. 

The song comes with a pair of dates this April you can dive into below, but in the meantime, check out Can't Run No More ahead of its official release this Friday:

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