Watch: Billymaree - Nobody (Freestyle)

Watch: Billymaree - Nobody (Freestyle)

The West Sydney-based artist is back with the release of a new moody and slick low-lit music video to accompany her latest single.

This year up-and-coming R&B sensation Billymaree has been captivating listeners with the release of singles My, My, My and Higher with DJ Discretion and JKING - a track that's reached nearly one and a half million streams on Spotify alone. Keeping the energy high with a touch of romance, the West Sydney-based artist is back with the release of a new music video directed by Slippn and herself to accompany her latest release Nobody (Freestyle).

The track keeps it simple musically, with just drums, bass and atmospheric vocal layers swirling around a brightly-shining Billymaree vocal take, the singer-songwriter getting to showcase her smooth and controlled voice. Oozing with self-assurance sonically and confidence lyrically, Nobody (Freestyle) sees the young artist share a story of love, lust and ultimately why she is like no other. With a moody and slick low-lit video to accompany, "This next one is for my queer Pasifika/indigenous babies, especially the ones who sit in that special space in between feminine and masculine and aren’t quite sure where they fit in" shares Billymaree.

Out now, be sure to get lost in Billymaree’s captivating sound below as he latest offering Nobody (Freestyle) - and its accompanying video enter the world. 

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Billymaree’s new single Nobody (Freestyle) is out now via Biordi Music / Virgin Music Australia.

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