Watch: Youngn Lipz - GO!

Watch: Youngn Lipz - GO!

Say hello to the future with the MetaBaby66 project, and the latest animated video from YL.

Like many up and coming artists, Youngn Lipz is jumping head first into a futuristic digital realm with his latest release GO! - a single that is accompanied by a debut into the NFT realm with his project MetaBaby66, which provides holders with exclusive perks, first access to merch, free entry to live concerts, and many more upcoming experiences within the metaverse. With the first collection selling out within 30 minutes via OpenSea, YL shares that he is utilising the technology to unlock new economic possibilities (an important step for any artist, especially in the current climate) whilst creating new creative and social opportunities with his biggest supporters and closest fans.

Created by Moonboy Studios, the 3D animated music video to accompany GO! stars YL’s avatar - that also featured as the artwork for the MetaBaby66 collection. From his transformation from the real world to the digital, the clip soars through fast cars, festivals, and outerspace, while the house and dance inspired track delivers a high energy performance from the artist, the vibrant and euphoric hook “take you anywhere you wanna go” reaching new sonic and literal heights within its animated reality. 

Get excited for the evolving future of music, and experience Youngn Lipz GO! below. 

Youngn Lipz’s new single GO! is out now via Biordi Music / Virgin Music Australia.



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