Listen: Fresh Hex - Goddess [Premiere]

Listen: Fresh Hex - Goddess [Premiere]

More amazing music coming from our fave Sydney crew, Sidechains - meet Fresh Hex.

Sydney crew Sidechains are very quickly becoming some of our favourite music people in the country right now. Their forward-thinking take on future-club music has been on constant rotation in the office since the release of Sidechains Club Vol. 1, and more recently Melbourne's Recluse dropped THIS cracking single. So when the opportunity arose to premiere another release out of the collective, we couldn't say no. Enter Fresh Hex and his new tune, Goddess. Take a listen and download it for free below, before the man himself gives you some background information on all that is Fresh Hex:

How did Fresh Hex come to be?

Fresh Hex was always a distant floating idea that had never fully formed. I created a song called Three Dimensions and in that one song Fresh Hex stopped being imaginary and became officially IRL. It’s only been breathing for a year.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

It’s colourful, bubbly, positive energy music for people who want and need to move together. I can’t write sad music.

What is Goddess about?

Goddess started with just the song title. Before I’d sent it to Rosebud (who has the voice of an angel) I wanted the song to be about what someone could love the most. A goddess doesn’t need to be female, or human, it’s a metaphor for true love, worship and respect. Rosebud understood the concept of the song immediately and turned it into something so much more special than it would have been with anyone else. If you’re craving more of her voice check out her work with the incredible visionary, Lucianblomkamp.

Production/writing process:

Often I come up with the song title first and let that be the guide for the way the song feels. Sometimes I tend to endlessly cycle through samples, synths and create my own drum patterns and then model an entire song around just one of those things. I’m incredibly dismissive. All my releases have come together in less than a day, if they take longer than a few days then it’s RIP.

What do you do outside of Fresh Hex?

There is no outside of Fresh Hex. Fresh Hex is all consuming.

Any shows coming up?

At the moment a couple lined up are: Cant Say – Melbourne – Friday September 4 and Sidechains - Sydney - Friday September 11. Sidechains (SYD) and Trendyfriends (MELB) are my favourite nights to play because I get to just be Fresh Hex.

And releases? 

There will be another EP before the end of the year.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

There is a collab coming up that I’m really excited about that I can’t say anything about just yet. I’m hoping it makes it onto the EP.

Where can we hear more of your music?

You can hear my first single Three Dimensions, my first EP CLUBBB TRAXXX and some fun remixes all on my SOUNDCLOUD.

Follow Fresh Hex: FACEBOOK / TWITTER

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