Running Touch Interview: "Some of my 2016 projects were underwhelming for me."

Running Touch Interview: "Some of my 2016 projects were underwhelming for me."

After a monster last year, it seems Running Touch is only just getting warmed up.

It's no secret we (and I) are big fans of Running Touch. A quick glance at the right hand side of the page you're looking at now will probably reveal a number of previous posts on the man, including his most recent single, Lovely. Indeed, after a huge 2016, it appears Running Touch is in fact barely even getting started. He's just returned from his trip stateside, playing a few shows at SXSW, and in the process beginning the process of opening himself up to a whole new world.

With his A Body Slow EP rapidly approaching (it's due March 31), we took five with the man to try and put a lid on last year, find out how the Americas were, and what we can expect moving forward.

Welcome back from America – how was it?

Thanks man. This is my first time in the states both playing and as a tourist. I’ve only shaken hands with New York and Texas, but none the less… definitely two great introductions to this culture. SXSW seems like a world in itself.

How have people taken to your live show so far?

Thankfully and unexpectedly, really positively. SXSW is teething with clashes and busy people (plus stories you hear about empty showcases), so going in knowing that I had really low (and maybe nervous) expectations. But it proved really productive, the crowds were perfect. The first two were punter heavy, the second two industry.

I know you’re a pretty open-minded dude, but did you have any goals or expectations/things you wanted to achieve with the trip?

Being my first time in an international setting as Running Touch, pretty much any traction gained was a blessing. I went in hoping half my shows (I played 4) were positive. I don’t have much experience with music conferences and international gigs, so I tried to just focus on being clear minded, healthy and sober so I could give the best version of me whenever I could.

It comes after a massive 2016, which saw plenty of touring along with some great releases – you covered a lot of it in your documentary, but what’s the biggest lesson or experience you learned from what really was a breakout year for the Running Touch project?

Definitely that it is always now. And to make the best of how fleeting it is. At the end of the year I realised how many projects, videos and strategies in retrospect were underwhelming for me. Not one video I put out I was happy with, I never had the time and other people and variables always seemed to wedge their way in between. I treated time like I had more. That was a big yardstick, the doco… Because I wanted to do it for a while… I wanted to start the year with something I’d be proud of and never lower my standards.

Part of the doco was highlighting your desire to be creative in a number of different mediums, not just music, how far back does that creativity go, when did you first find it was an itch you had to scratch?

Only when Running Touch started picking up and I realised that this is a whole new platform in itself, much like a genre or line of business. I imagine one day it will almost be expected of artists. 

Once you get back you’re basically straight back on tour to celebrate your new EP (dates down the bottom), can you tell us a little about it – how long you’ve been working on it, where it sits (or doesn’t sit) sonically, and did you enjoy the process of putting together a multi-track release as opposed to the singles we’ve heard so far?

It’s technically been both a long and short time in the making. On the one hand it was meant to be out last year. At that time it had a different concept, tracklisting, art etc. But its changes came swiftly when I heard when our actual release date would be this year. But in how much of a tedious ordeal it turned out to be, thats where I learned. I learnt - in that time - to stop trying to over-elaborate and contour this larger-than-life concepts. To just bathe in being a newer artist for a while and just focus on a similar product. A relatable product. So it turned out to be a necessary evil. I personally enjoy putting together a body of work together better than a singular cut, but doing so knowingly in a singles era takes away a lot of the motivation to do so.

People might know you come from a number of different musical background, particularly Ocean Grove but also a minimal/trance background – how have they impacted the Running Touch project?

They’ve taught me to focus on myself as an artist, put myself in front of Running Touch or Ocean Grove. Experimenting, starting something new or taking risks should trump the bias of individual projects. But also to let everything leak into each other. Both studio and live wise!

I’ve seen you a couple of times now, and both times you’ve thrown in a ‘cover’ or interpretation of something people might not have been expecting, if that will be a feature of you’re upcoming tour – any hints on what we can expect?

Something ridiculous for sure. Probably something heavy. 

You’re a man with a vision – what’s coming up once the EP release and its tour have wrapped up?

I’ve got a few longer term projects I'm working at the moment, so I’ll shine a light on them in a little while. But I think I’ve got my next release and everything that comes with that ready to fire.

Thanks dude, hope the US has been awesome and look forward to your responses.

Thank you man, much love!


Sat 01 Apr - Miami Horror Block Party, Melbourne

Sun 02 Apr - Miami Horror Block Party, Sydney

Sat 08 Apr - Hot Dub Wine Machine Festival, Swan Valley

Fri 21 Apr - Uno Dance Club, Geelong

Sat 22 Apr - Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Fri 28 Apr - Hudson Ballroom, Sydney

Sat 29 Apr - Groovin The Moo, Maitland

Fri 05 May - Cats, Rocket Bar, Adelaide

Sat 06 May - Hooch @ The Brighton, Mandurah

Sun 07 May - Aviary Rooftop Sessions, Perth

Sat 13 May - Impala, Auckland NZ

Fri 19 May - Elsewhere, Gold Coast

Sat 20 May - The Foundry, Brisbane

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