Photo Gallery: Sycco takes us behind the video for her new song, Time's Up

Photo Gallery: Sycco takes us behind the video for her new song, Time's Up

The new single and video clip arrives ahead of her debut EP, the aptly named Sycco's First EP, out only July 30th.

Even though we named her one to watch in 2021, I don't think we quite grasped just how brilliant Sycco would blossom to be. Since making an entrance with her breakthrough single Peacemaker in late 2019, the Brisbane-raised musician has consistently gone from strength to strength, with every single she's put out since - NictoneDribble and Germs being three-for-three last year, for example - deepening her sound and further solidifying Sycco as an act we can't get enough of leading into the new year.

In 2021, Sycco has gone above and beyond to ensure her breakthrough is cemented in stone. She stormed into the year with a triple j Like A Version session before releasing a forward-thinking burst of brilliance in My Ways. Then, came genre-switching remixes of My Ways and Dribble before, just recently, announcing news of her forthcoming debut EP Sycco's First EP, a very apt-named release scheduled to arrive on July 30th via Future Classic.

News of Sycco's debut EP came alongside the release of its latest taste Time's Up, which showcases yet another notch in the 19-year-old musician's belt as she captures a more intense side of her work; a break-up song that channels the expression of frustration, rage, anger and sadness that often circle in one's head during a moment like that. In saying that, Sycco doesn't translate that into a full-out banger. Instead, it's an ear-worm that seems to emphasise the hope and resilience that you get coming out the other side, contrasting the frustration with a brighter, poppier sound that feels like a natural step considering the discography she's built already.

"During lockdown [co-producer] Ed Quinn sent me a bunch of beats to have a listen to and this beat jumped out at me. It was this Solange feel that I vibed," she says on the single. "While I was producing it up, I tried to make it sound like Radiohead meets Pharrell. The song definitely reflects the emotional turbulence and anger I was feeling during lockdown. Making this song was a huge release of all that negative energy."

The official video clip to Time's Up - arriving alongside the single's release - sees Sycco translate that emotional turbulence and negative energy into a visual that seems to capture it perfectly; these almost-American Horror Story-reminiscent shots flashing amongst darting lights and Sycco herself, who brings the song back in the forefront as she sings along.

Today, to celebrate the video's release, we have Sycco taking you behind-the-scenes into its creation, detailing the themes and evolution of the video clip with a couple of annotations to help. You can watch the video and its behind-the-scenes gallery below, but otherwise, stay tuned for the release of Sycco's debut EP on July 30th - it's going to be a good one.

Behind the scenes of Sycco's new video for Time's Up: 

sycco 1

Lots of discomfort displayed here by everyone in the shot. This is the second verse in the music video which was choreographed I guess. Basically just me getting my head pulled.

sycco 2

I love this shot, its so beautiful and unexpected. I was especially happy filming it because it was the last shot we had to get and we were all so depleted.

sycco 3

Alien moment

sycco 4

Superstar alien moment.

sycco 5

Doing the car scenes was so much fun. I think we should make sitting on the back of a convertible yelling and listening to music a hobby.

sycco 6

Lying on the bed

sycco 7

This photo is so damn cute. Everybody on the shoot was so thoughtful and helpful, it was a beautiful environment to be in.

sycco 8

Putting on a lot of rings.

sycco 9

I think this photo makes us look really cool.

sycco 10

When Summer was driving the car, she kept going way too fast & the camera fell on the windscreen and it cracked a little, it was scary. She just kept saying it was for the shot.

sycco 11

is was my favourite scene - and it was at 6am! Basically we only had one skater - who was in the crew - and we were going to vibe that but then when we started shooting, the skater with the bun showed up and knew sycco and we were like SPIRITUAL SYNCHRONICITY - well I said that - and then we asked if they wanted to be in it!! It was so awesome, I was so confused why they were skating at 6am though!


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