Listen to dancing in the kitchen, a tender new song from rising force Zachary Knowles

Listen to dancing in the kitchen, a tender new song from rising force Zachary Knowles

The Texan musician continues his string of heartfelt, brilliant pop music with his third single for 2021.

When it comes to the classic quality vs quantity debate, Texan musician Zachary Knowles is someone who can seemingly balance between the both. The rising musician is someone we've talked about a few times over the last year - notably his magnolia EP in 2020 and the first single following it, city, just a few months later - but in reality, he's become an unstoppable force thanks to a consistently brilliant string of releases littering the last few years: three in 2017; five in 2018; seven in 2020 and three already in 2021.

Despite the constant reign of singles, however, Zachary Knowles hasn't faltered once. Each track has explored a facet of his tender indie-pop sound, blending together the charm of heavyweights like Frank Ocean and Bon Iver in a sound that's become distinctly Zachary Knowles: lush and full of life, detailing the inner working of his life and the constantly changing world around him. Take March's single carpool, for example, being a yearning, lo-fi pop gem about mental traffic jams and the anxiety of being separated from the person you love: "At its surface, carpool focuses on how bad it feels to be alone, but below, it’s a love song about desire and how your person makes all the lonely and sad times better," he said with the single's release. 

Now, comes another single rich with Zachary Knowles' potent storytelling; dancing in the kitchen welcoming more depth into the musician's craft and the rich lyricism he uses to paint musical pictures with his work. As expected, dancing in the kitchen flourishes subtle lyricism and moving melodies, but does so in a way that's a little less yearning-like than the songs before it. Zachary's vocal is front and centre - as always - but this time, it dances around a more upbeat production lush with guitar and percussion, showing a new edge to his pop sound that adds another notch in the belt of the multi-faceted star-in-the-making.

"Honestly I just wanted to write a really happy song with this one," he says on the single, a welcome change that we've been looking forward to seeing from the US musician. "Usually, my songs have sad undertones, so I felt like it was time to write one that was just happy and felt good all the way through. When I’m doing the dishes I always blare music and dance, so I wanted to share that feeling with others and give them something we could both dance to."

The end result is spectacular and arrives with an official video clip that plays into the single's more euphoric energy, as directed by Jonah George. You can watch the video below, and stay tuned as Zachary Knowles continues to showcase his emerging stardom with more material to come - he's an incredibly exciting force to watch.

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