Here's your chance to catch up on all the Aussie electronica released this week

Here's your chance to catch up on all the Aussie electronica released this week

With new tunes from Yeo, Running Touch and more, this week has been a good'un.

With mountains of new music released every week, it sometimes gets hard to keep on top of everything. This week, in particular, has proven to be overly-saturated in top-quality releases, with new tracks from Australian young guns such as Yeo, Porsches and Running Touch flying under the radar. Luckily, in a bid to make sure these ‘on-the-cusp’ songwriters get the spotlight they deserve and keep the general public up to date with what’s new, we thought we would collate this week’s smoothest tunes in a handy, bite-sized playlist for your Friday.

Running Touch - Levitate (It's All Too Perfect)

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – Running Touch is one of the best producers Australia has to offer right now. Whether it be This Is Just To Say, Post Modern, Courtesy Of or his charming Pile TV performance, it seems that whatever Running Touch touches (unintentional, I swear) turns to gold. His new single Levitate (It’s All Too Perfect) continues this musical home run, with Running Touch combining his signature vocal touch to a pulsating, house-infused production for his forthcoming EP’s second single. Combining the complex, multi-faceted production style of ZHU with the easy-going charm of an act like RÜFÜS, Levitate more than anything just confirms our sneaky suspicion that Running Touch is some sort of music-creating robot from the future, because how a human can create tunes as consistent as this is beyond me - it's just all too perfect.

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Porsches - Blood To A Shark

After becoming one of last year’s Sweat It Out power-houses (they have Horses, Karate and their Preatures remix to thank for that), Porsches have finally launched their 2016 assault with Blood To A Shark. Combining a light house melody with wailing, pop vocal work, Blood To A Shark is the sun-soaked banger we’ve been needing to get us through this cold and rainy Winter. That percussion-accompanied hook is one of the strongest of the year thus far, solidifying Porsches as a mastermind duo when it comes to the delicate art of songwriting.

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Yeo - Got No Game

Marking the third single from his impressive debut album Ganbaru, Yeo’s Got No Game is a mellow slice of electro-pop from the Melbourne wunderkind. Accompanied by it’s B-side Labour Party, Got Not Game is anything but what the title suggests. Yeo’s uplifting vocal touch contrasts the track’s somewhat haunting production, which blends retro, 8-bit synth melodies with a light percussion line and short bursts of synth chords to create a beat that’s upbeat and relieving, yet at the same time, somehow boasts quite a dark feel to it. The track comes with an east-coast tour, with the producer hitting up Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to celebrate. Deets HERE.

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Gypsy & The Cat - Life

After seemingly disappearing following the release of their Gilgamesh follow up The Late Blue, in 2015 we were greeted by Hearts A Gun, the returning EP from acclaimed Melbourne duo Gypsy & The Cat. Not content with letting the same thing happen again, 2016 will see Gypsy & The Cat unleash their third album Virtual Islands, and if it’s second official single Life is anything to go by, it’s going to be another classic. Life brings that enchanting, indie-electro crossover sound that we came to love from Gypsy & The Cat and smashes it into our faces, Steve Aoki with a cake style. With powering vocals, light whistles and anthemic melodies, Life sees Gypsy & The Cat return to their former status as a force to be reckoned with – a force we’re excited to have back.

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GL - Hallucinate

With a vintage, electro-funk single Hallucinate, GL are here to stay. Made up of the vocalist-producer partnership of Ella Thompson and Graeme Progson, GL have been all about those throwback synth-pop sounds since they emerged two years ago and Hallucinate is no different. It’s infectious and captivating, energetic and joyous, bubbling with retro synth melodies and diva-esque vocals at every bar. With the duo making their mark with the effortlessly cool Number One last year, their follow-up would have to be special to trump it and with Hallucinate, I feel that they’ve accomplished this and so much more.


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