5 Tunes To Kickstart Your Weekend with IO

5 Tunes To Kickstart Your Weekend with IO

A supremely groovy collection to go with IO's new double A side.

IO started as two high school friends, Tony and Ed, who one starry night gazed into one another’s faces, tears streaming down their cheeks, and witnessed the history of life in the universe unfold upon each other's faces for what seemed like an eternity. From that fateful night they duo have gone on to begin crafting some impeccablly smooth, psychdeleic, soulful electronica. They've just released an excellent double A side, featuring two tracks, Lotus Land and Superposition, and they're launching it in Melbourne this Friday 2 October. To get you in the mood, they sent us a delectable five track playlist, which you can tuck into after streaming their new release below:

IO's Top 5 Tunes To Kickstart Your Weekend:

Lindstrom & Christobelle – Baby Can’t StopBaby can’t stop, baby wont stop! Those horn parts are just ridiculously tasty reminiscent of some of MJ’s tunes and that bassline that just creeps along. Never, ever fails to get the heart rate going and bring the mood up. A seriously underplayed tune.

Thundercat  - Oh Sheit it’s X: So many good lines in this tune both synth, bass and lyrical and just endless vibe, it’s like Thundercat just turned on that universal vibe tap he has unlimited access to. He just makes you want to hang out with him. “I just wanna party, you should be here with me, in this ecstasy”. Same T-cat, same.

Todd Terje – Inspector Norse: This modern classic grabs your attention from the first few seconds. Albi Liversidge cranked this tune while we were working as removalists together cruising trucks around Melbourne. Todd Terje, the master player and producer melted my mind and heart at Melt on a lake island south of Berlin when he played with Lindstrom (above). That groove and that lead synth melody is truly irresistible. That key change gets me every time.

Sun – Caribou: Sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun. Like a modern day pagan chant to the sun god (which I think underpins all dance music) with those twisted, detuned proto-housey chords. Caribou first changed my life at Camp A Low Hum where they played alongside Four Tet (who did an incredible set in a empty pool) and has repeatedly done so, becoming a re-occurring life ritual.

Gregory Porter – 1960 What (Opolopo Kick Bass Rerub)This tune snuck in my ear via eternal legend Ben Minkley one late, late Friday at a house party in the Pizza Palace in Brunswick. Perhaps one to keep your Friday going rather than get it going it just had to make this list. The horns are incredible and unpredictable and the lyrics powerful and still relevant today.

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