Track By Track: Sampology - Natural Selections EP

Track By Track: Sampology - Natural Selections EP

The Brissy producer walks us through his collab filled six-tracker.

Choosing to take a break from his incredible AV shows, Brisbane-based producer Sampology has just released his second EP, Natural Selections, and it's a high-energy, collab-heavy affair from the Soul Has No Tempo talent. The six-track EP is filled with organic, afro-percussive vibes that will see Sampology playing keys, Kalimba, percussion as well as drum programming when the songs are played in a live setting. The Brissy beatmaker was lovely enough to give us an insight into each of the tunes on Natural Selections, including the long list of friends and family members he enlisted to work their magic across the release.

Stream it below, or grab it yourself HERE, including a sweet vinyl option via Bandcamp.

Natural Selections

This track sounds like it’s got loads of samples in it, but everything except for the bird sounds I recorded myself, even the drum kit sounds. The backbone of the track is a kalimba I layered in with different interweaving polyrhythms. 

Friends And Fam

This was the original title of the EP, and the ethos around the whole project and time I spent while making it, being inspired by my city and the people in it. From the musicians, to the artwork (mum) to the Soul Has No Tempo homies, friends and fam is the driving force for the EP. 

Thicker Than Water ft. Tiana Khasi

The most uptempo and bouncy track on the EP, main collaborators on this are Tiana Khasi & Jordan Hankins (Tyler Touche). I finished this track while I was working on a collaboration with Queensland Symphony Orchestra and Gordan Hamilton so I used that opportunity to fulfill my desire to record strings on the tracks, which I did at my home studio. My auntie Helen plays Viola on this!

Be There ft. Noah Slee

Noah lives in Berlin by way of NZ / Brisbane, so while he was back in town we spent time at my home space working on tracks. I made the instrumental that morning really quickly. as a last option for something for him to sing over. His cousin Willy sings BVs and I recorded them both singing at the same time throughout the whole track. 

Different Star ft. Laneous

Track opens with my Dad on Upright Bass, then I come in with the Kalimba to accompany. Im in love with Laneous’s vocals on this track, it makes me smile every time I hear those lush vocal chords come in. 


I had this track for ages but the melodic elements were too happy, so at the last minute I re-wrote everything that was melodic sitting over the drums to give it a bit more emotional edge and got Sam Mags from Astro Travellers over to play guitar/ bass on. The original happy version of this had Noah Slee singing on it, I’ve sampled those vocals for another track for a future release.


track by track sampology natural selections ep 2

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