Cousin act Kllo combine for their second EP, Well Worn

Cousin act Kllo combine for their second EP, Well Worn

Simon and Chloe lock heads to deliver another dose of emotive electronica.

In what I'd call a sterling family affair, Simon Lam and Chloe Kaul (Kllo) have returned to the limelight with six romantic compositions. When these two Melbournians released their first EP, Cusp, last year they had no idea it'd lead to a burst in notoriety. Strong pop tracks in False Calls and Make Me Wonder conjured up festival slots, stacks of Spotify plays and features on Artist To Watch playlists. In the last couple of days we've received the next instalment in the Kllo story.

Kicking things off is Walls To Build with Chloe's vocal prowess obvious from outset. Her angelic choral ability sits ever so nicely against the pulsing production of her cousin. The stark drums grasp you from the get-go, a suitable opener. Coming in second is Bolide, probably my favourite from the EP. A piece founded on a racy vocal snatch paired with skittish beats. Kaul's soaring voice coasts over the top, a settling influence amongst what's a frenetically cool tune for the dancefloor.

At the halfway point of the EP comes Sense. Appropriately so, this track is suitable for almost any of those "Chill" playlists that all the streaming services bang on about. Lazy computer drumbeats combine with piano keys as we're taken on a cruisy journey, with Kaul lamenting about the fade out of feelings for that someone special: "I don't feel it like I used to". Sense is one I'd use as a pre-bedtime ritual. At number four we have On My Name, a downbeat dub tune in a similar a vein to the track it precedes. What's most prominent in this piece is the wailing vocal loop that sucks the listener in. In my opinion, the dub wobbles could've been left out as they seem to detract from the delicacy of Kauls message and those loves-stricken melodies.  

At the death nail is an impressive show of synth and chattering beats, the kind that reminds me of SBTRKT or Giraffage's work. Don't Be The One carries authenticity in its lyrics, with Kaul telling that oh so common tale of a relationship crumbling and then sooner or later one side trying to rekindle: "Movin' onto something we knew, Think about it, thought that I'd forget you / And I know that I'll be there instead, Don't be the one to let me in again." For their target-base listeners I think a story such as this would be super relatable. 

I'm sure with a serving of synth-drenched, love torn electronica Kllo should be a duo to keep on that musical radar of yours - see them live on one of two shows left on their Well Worn EP tour, check the poster down the bottom.


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