Listen: Purity Ring - Another Eternity (Album Stream)

Listen: Purity Ring - Another Eternity (Album Stream)

Surely an Australian tour is imminent.

Finally, it’s here. And after the gleeful auto-tune of Push Pull, the darkness of Begin Again, and the soothing nature of Repetition, it's definitely fair to say the world was ready for Another Eternity. Streaming on NPR’s WEBSITE, the music site noted that Another Eternity doesn’t break into new territory, rather it's an evolution of Shrines and this shift has seen Purity Ring become far more comfortable. And much like an evolution the overall beast is the same; the auto-tune and the hip hop elements are there but it’s been tweaked with more energizing tracks through trap elements and a greater lyrical focus on looking out rather than by using  ‘she’ and ‘you’. And it’s a bloody exciting listen.

Asides from the previously released singles the stand out tracks of Another Eternity include the seismic bass-hound that is Flood On The Floor, which sounds a modern take on the X-Files theme song, and their latest single Bodyache. You can almost hear this track being played at an interstellar wedding that is set amongst endless rolling grass plains it’s that graceful. Purity Ring have also released the video clip for Bodyache, which you can watch below:

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