Doubling Down with Delilah Holliday

Doubling Down with Delilah Holliday

Having recently released the second volume of her Invaluable series, we catch up with North London-based electronic art pop innovator

With sounds ranging from industrial-tinged underground anthems to atmospheric downtempo beats and euphoric club stylings, it’s safe to say that when it comes to the music of Delilah Holliday you can expect the unexpected… but expect it to be damn catchy.

Dropping Invaluable Vol 1. back in July, Holliday has completed the series with Invaluable Vol. 2 released at the start of November. Offering a heady tale of caution, Vol. 2 sees Holliday searching for clarity in creativity, being true to oneself regardless of doubt, and the confidence that comes from this acceptance.

As with Vol.1, Vol.2 was co-written and co-produced with composer Raphael Ninot. Across seven tracks, Vol.2 mirrors the vibes of a night out on the town, starting off downtempo and chill before upping the tempo, energy and ante, before coming to a screeching halt as you crash back to reality.

To celebrate the release of Invaluable Vol.2, we checked in with Delilah:

Congrats on your new double EP Invaluable Vol. 1 & 2! What led to this record being released in two separate volumes?

Thank you, I had a lot to say and I couldn’t put it out in one record. Also, I feel like nobody really listens to albums anymore unless you have millions of fans or go viral on TikTok. So I wanted it to be consumed intentionally.

How do the two volumes relate to each other? How do they differ?

They are very similar to be honest, or they both live in the same world. They are both a journey Vol. 1 in the beginning of a journey and Vol. 2 is the middle part of the journey coming to an end. It’s like Vol. 1 is when you’re getting ready to go out and all the expectations that come with it. Vol. 2 is the night bus home and/or the afterparty. If that makes sense?

What is the most invaluable thing in your life?

Cliche but it’s true, my family and music. I'm a very sentimental person and I don’t take a moment with my family for granted. Music, because it helps me process the world we live in.

With songs ranging from stripped back chamber pop to UKG-inspired cuts of dancefloor goodness, how does a Delilah Holiday song end up sounding the way it does?

I’ve been reading ‘The Creative Act’ by Rick Rubin and he sums up the creative process I go through to a T. I feel like I’m just a vessel and I get musical downloads so I can't really guess what my next piece of work is going to sound like, which is pretty daunting sometimes as it's a series of inspirational events and alignments. I’m really happy I’m not married to a genre though. I think I would feel stifled creatively if I couldn’t creatively change or express myself the way I feel.

How are the new songs feeling live? Tell us about the current Delilah Holiday live show?

I’m so excited to play these songs from Invaluable live. Currently it’s me completely alone on stage with a sequencer and voice box so I live mix my vocals whilst I’m performing, every show is different depending on my mood. I can't wait to perform ‘Drugs Again’, I love the drop in that song so much.

When will we see you down in Australia?

Manifesting to be there in 2024 so fingers crossed.

What’s coming up in 2024 for you?

Hopefully finishing my album and touring Invaluable hopefully in Aus and the States.

What have you been listening to lately?

Bjork, Eartheater, Caroline Polachek, Stereolab and Tricky.

Delilah Holliday Invaluable Vol.2 Artwork

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