Watch: DOUGLAS FUR - Big Trees Fall Hard

Watch: DOUGLAS FUR - Big Trees Fall Hard

The new project from Tori Holleman (Retiree) makes its debut with a self-made effortlessly cool laid-back track.

Today DOUGLAS FUR, the new project from Tori Holleman (the vocalist of electronic group Retiree) makes its debut with the release of Big Trees Fall Hard. No stranger to electronic soundscapes, he seamlessly weaves elements of pop and jazz in this self written, produced, performed, mixed and mastered release, creating a truly unique and intimate look into who DOUGLAS FUR is. 

Coming to life in a self-built studio in Collingwood, Big Trees Fall Hard has an effortlessly cool laid-back groove tied to it’s concise beat and captivating bassline, as atmospheric synths warm the track, their sizzling melodic lead lines creating a bit of a back-and-forth with DOUGLAS FUR’s recognisably deep and soothing vocal delivery. On the meaning behind the release, he describes that “grief and the reckless mindset you can be in while dealing with it. The lyrics are less of a narrative and more like a series of snap shots that encapsulate the feeling.”

The single is also accompanied by a self-made music video, with a psychedelic and hazy quality it features a single take vocal performance overlaid on spinning footage that DOUGLAS FUR explains as “I built a contraption to spin a camera at 3000 revolutions per minute. As this syncs with the frame rate, my face and surroundings turn into a warped, smudge of colours and patterns”

With a debut LP arriving later in 2022, get around DOUGLAS FUR and the lead single Big Trees Fall Hard as it drops today. 

DOUGLAS FUR new single Big Trees Fall Hard is out today via dolphin love. 


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