Video Premiere: Dream Dali - Rosary

Video Premiere: Dream Dali - Rosary

Take a first peak at Meeanjin / Brisbane-based psych-rock trio’s entrancing new song and music video

After dropping their terrifically titled debut Life in Legato EP last year, Dream Dali make their mark on 2022 with their catchy new single and equally entrancing music video, Rosary. 

Combining a motorik, head nod-inducing rhythm section with distorted guitars and all manner of digital bleeps and bloops, Rosary is a unique slice of modern psychedelic alt-rock, capped of by frontman Aldous Emerson’s soaring vocals.

Representing a “metaphysical infatuation”, Emerson explains that “Rosary is a fictional and metaphorical lover or infatuation that continues to hurt you, and yet you can’t help going back to them. Rosary is a representation of the people and relationships you have projected your ideals on.” Expanding on this, Emerson adds "I wanted to explore musically having a hypnotic beat and melody that could build with the synth and guitar layers. You see this in electronic dance music but not so much in bands. I think there's a deep and primal connection we have to trance like rhythms that I like to explore. I try and make the videos match the music and the concept of Dream Dali. With 'Rosary' I used surrealist visuals with the black and white imagery to create a dada-esque world."

Releasing tomorrow, June 3, enter Dream Dali's dada-esque world and check out Rosary premiering on Pilerats today!

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